Friday, March 11, 2011

Walker Signs Bill Limiting Public Unions' Collective Bargaining Rights

Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill Friday that takes away most collective bargaining for state employees on Friday.

This is a great day for the tax payers and Tea Party conservatives. The Democrats in Wisconsin were out maneuvered by the Republican Party. I wonder how it feels to know that the voters got what they voted for? For us it feels great. For the greedy public union monopoly, not so much. But since the unions don't care about the tax payers or the tax payers public property I don't think the tax payers care what the union mafia has to say.

I wish I could have seen the stupid look on the 14 anti-democracy Democrats when they got the word that they had been outmaneuvered by the Republicans in charge?

In retaliation the unions and liberals are planning a Day of Union Rage on April 4th. I'm sure they will show us how much damage they can cause on that day. They better remember that it is the voters and tax payers that pay the unions their high wages. If they think things can't get worse just keep pushing us.

The voters have spoken and they hired conservatives to clean up the mess the Democratic Party made. If the unions don't like it let them get a liberal Democrat into office to raise our taxes so they can keep living high on the hog on our money. When these union fools talk about greed, maybe they need to look in the mirror.

What are your thoughts on this fiscal correcting? Do you think that the Tea Party movement did this? Do you think the unions and liberal thugs will commit more violence and vandalism over their lose of the public union monopoly? 

Labo International Exchange Foundation: I Pray All I Well After Earthquake

Back in the early 90's I worked for a company in Japan called Labo International Exchange Foundation. This earthquake and tsunami hit some of the places where I lived. I would like to know if everything is OK. And if there is anything I can do. My prayers are with everyone in Japan.
I haven't been able to get through to Japan. I am sending emails.