Friday, February 11, 2011

CBO Director: Obama Health Law Will Cost 800,000 Jobs

Testifying today before the House Budget Committee, Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Doug Elmendorf confirmed that Obamacare is expected to reduce the number of jobs in the labor market by an estimated 800,000. Is there any wonder why no one believes the Democratic Party other then the ignorant and ideologues? With all the smoke these Democrats blow up our asses about saving and creating jobs is just that,smoke and mirrors. All you have to do is look at all the unemployed to see the truth of lost jobs. Thank God the Republicans are doing everything they can to stop this horrendous bill from killing our economy and recovery any more then it already has. Thank those 28 GOP governors as well. It's time Obama does what the GOP governors asked and fast track this bill to the Supreme Court before even more damage is done to our economy. It doesn't take a genius to see what the effect of Obama's policies have been. But you do have to open your eyes to see it.

Obama's Intel Chief: Muslim Brotherhood Non-Violent, 'Secular' Group

During a House Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called Egypt's branch of the Muslim Brotherhood movement "largely secular."
In response to questioning from Rep. Sue Myrick (R-N.C.) about the threat posed by the group, Clapper suggested that the Egyptian part of the Brotherhood is not particularly extreme and that the broader international movement is hard to generalize about.
"The term 'Muslim Brotherhood' an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam," Clapper said. "They have pursued social ends, a betterment of the political order in Egypt, et cetera.....In other countries, there are also chapters or franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood, but there is no overarching agenda, particularly in pursuit of violence, at least internationally."
This doesn't sound like intel to me. It sounds like delution at best. A quick search on will tell you what the Muslim Brotherhood is all about. And it will be in their own words. You have a choice to make, is the Obama admin inept or are they lieing to us for some reason? Does anyone care anymore what the Obama admin has to say? Even in Egypt? I’m going to quote it for you because it is, in a very technical sense, news, but there’s no mystery why The One is now opting for written statements in lieu of camera time. Each new public utterance by him and his cabinet reminds the world that not only do we have no meaningful leverage here, we really have no reliable sense of what’s going on.
And with that as your narrative frame, here’s the Obama admins pointless statement.
The Egyptian people have been told that there was a transition of authority, but it is not yet clear that this transition is immediate, meaningful or sufficient. Too many Egyptians remain unconvinced that the government is serious about a genuine transition to democracy, and it is the responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the Egyptian people and the world. The Egyptian government must put forward a credible, concrete and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy, and they have not yet seized that opportunity.
As we have said from the beginning of this unrest, the future of Egypt will be determined by the Egyptian people. But the United States has also been clear that we stand for a set of core principles. We believe that the universal rights of the Egyptian people must be respected, and their aspirations must be met. We believe that this transition must immediately demonstrate irreversible political change, and a negotiated path to democracy. To that end, we believe that the emergency law should be lifted. We believe that meaningful negotiations with the broad opposition and Egyptian civil society should address the key questions confronting Egypt’s future: protecting the fundamental rights of all citizens; revising the Constitution and other laws to demonstrate irreversible change; and jointly developing a clear roadmap to elections that are free and fair.
We therefore urge the Egyptian government to move swiftly to explain the changes that have been made, and to spell out in clear and unambiguous language the step by step process that will lead to democracy and the representative government that the Egyptian people seek. Going forward, it will be essential that the universal rights of the Egyptian people be respected. There must be restraint by all parties. Violence must be forsaken. It is imperative that the government not respond to the aspirations of their people with repression or brutality. The voices of the Egyptian people must be heard.
The Egyptian people have made it clear that there is no going back to the way things were: Egypt has changed, and its future is in the hands of the people. Those who have exercised their right to peaceful assembly represent the greatness of the Egyptian people, and are broadly representative of Egyptian society. We have seen young and old, rich and poor, Muslim and Christian join together, and earn the respect of the world through their non-violent calls for change. In that effort, young people have been at the forefront, and a new generation has emerged. They have made it clear that Egypt must reflect their hopes, fulfill their highest aspirations, and tap their boundless potential. In these difficult times, I know that the Egyptian people will persevere, and they must know that they will continue to have a friend in the United States of America.