Sunday, December 12, 2010

Open Thread: What Do You Think???

What do you think the future will bring? What are you doing to prepare for the future? After spending some time with a family member of mine that is high up in the government, I'd tell everyone to prepare for some hard times. We need to learn how to take care of ourselves and others because the government is preparing to take care of us. It is time to do what the government has asked us to do since 9/11. We need to plan for the worse because it's almost here. The government is preparing to "help" just like they helped in Katrina. The liberals and the anarchist have been planning to turn us inside out and the government wont be far behind. It wont be the rioters or the violence from this group we have to worry about. It's going to be the over reaction from this government and the outright taking of Americans right from our government is what we must worry about. Just remember how guns were being taken from law abiding citizens under the guise of public safety.