Thursday, August 11, 2011

Liberals Are Cutting Out The Middle Man And Providing 'Social Justice' Themselves

Liberals around the world are cutting out the Middle Man(Progressive government) and just looting from the 'rich'. This isn't just one crazy liberal out of millions. It is thousands and growing. These liberals are killing people and blowing up buildings in the name of liberalism. Liberals thought that by putting liberal governments in place they would have the government steal from those that have and give it to them. Just like the "Obama money" people in this country. But the truth is these liberals haven't gotten a dime out of this unholy deal with the liberal devil. That hasn't stopped them from taking what they want and destroying the rest.

Obama and the Democratic Party have been trying to spread the wealth. The problem is we are all more poor because of their liberal policies. We are seeing our future in Europe. It's a future Obama told us he was shooting for.

I feel the tipping point in this country will be when cities and States start going bankrupt and the union pensions get whipped out. If you think that the unions have been crazy when budgets are balanced and unions are asked to give a little back, just wait.

When you watch these videos of Europe, just think if this was your town.  Liberals are the same all around the world. Soon the liberals will realize that they are going to get richer by voting in a liberal government. They will also realize that there are still 'rich' people and they will start their theft and destruction here in this country. One day you may wake up and not have a job to go too because liberals burned it down. Or the business you had is now ashes like your 401k.

If you aren't prepared to defend what is yours then you better get on the ball. It's your job to protect what is yours. The police can't do anything. If the business owners in Europe had guns the looters might think twice about their mindless destruction of others property.

Watch as not one but thousands of liberals take to the streets and destroy everything in their wake. It is what they do. Riots have become a 100% liberal tactic. Maybe that is why liberals think so highly of Muslim terrorists. They are cut from the same destructive cloth.

An interview with Scott and the footage of him following a group of young looters around what he said is usually a lovely community is in this video.

These riots are the result of liberal policies

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