Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Latest Ad From Alabama: Slavery


Is Rick Barber correct? Are the Democrats bringing back a new form of slavery? If you are against this ad then answer the questions Barber is asking.  Don't just say he is "stupid" or an "idiot" without answering the questions. All the left seem to be able to do is make fun of the methods or the person with the reasoning behind it.

Another Racist Democrat Is At Rest And The Media Is Errasing That History Already

It seems that the media has forgotten Sen.Byrd racist history. The do that a lot with the Democratic party. RIP Sen. Byrd you are a hero to the Democratic Party and they will forget your KKK past or at least justify it. Did you notice the cross on his hood? God did and he is being judged right now for it. If I was black I would be pissed to all hell by the we the Democratic Party and the media have errased his racist past. But they are the party of segregation with a smile instead of the hood now.