Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Picture All The Left-Wing Is Talking About

I don't like these pictures. I didn't like them when they did them to almost every president we have had. The left-wing and Democrats in this country are holding up this picture as proof of racism. The left-wing are making it sound like this picture is as bad or worse then what they are doing. Get a grip. This is a classless picture, just like the Bush pictures were classless. Racist? The left-wing in this country see everything as race.

Okay so here is something I don’t understand. Perhaps there is someone out there that can help me to better understand why its considered racist to portray a black person (in this case a half black person) as a monkey or chimpanzee, but its okay to portray a white person as the same?
GW Bush image I found on the internet more than eight years ago

If this is the worse thing the left-wing can find on the conservatives, we are doing a good job of rooting out the bad. We are held to a different standard by ourselves and the left-wing. We have high expectations on our collective conservative organizations. The rest of the nation also has high expectations on us. This is a good thing. Now all we have to do is have those same expectations on the left-wing. I expect the left-wing to act civil in their discourse. I expect the left-wing to respect this nation,the anthem and the flag. I expect the left-wing to pick up after themselves after a rally. I expect them to not destroy property. I expect non-violence. It's not enough for us and you to expect the Tea Party and conservatives to act this way. So why does the left-wing say nothing when their ilk constantly act bad?