Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama's Jobs Plan. Where Is It And How Do We Pay For It? Open Thread

 Obama said to Congress to pass the plan. What plan? This was a campaign speech and nothing more. If he had a plan he would have unveiled it. But he doesn't have that plan, yet. He doesn't say how he would pay for the $437 billion in increased.

The fact is those that run the private sector, small business, don't like what Obama or Ben Bernanke had to say. But we all know that Obama says one thing and does another like a political magician. Those that create jobs have learned over the years not to listen to Obama but rather to watch what he does since they are almost always two different things. One thing we know Obama will do is take care of his civil union army.

I'd like to know what you think about the Obama jobs plan that doesn't exist yet. Liberals, now is your time to tell us how great this plan that doesn't exist is. Let us know how it will work without the support of the private sector that creates jobs.

I'd also like to know how spending more money that we do not have creates jobs without adding to our national debt. How will an extra $437 billion in stimulus do what the $847 billion in stimulus failed at do work? Or is that just another payoff to the public unions to keep them happy? Feel free to have an open debate about this new stimulus bill Obama hasn't put forward but wants passed without being seen. Let's try debating the substance of his plan that doesn't exist. Tell us how it will work to create jobs when small business says they don't see anything that will make a real difference and add stability to the economy. I can't wait to hear what you liberals have to say. To say nothing means you don't back the jobs plan either.

Conservatives, I'd like to know what you think about the jobs plans that the Republican candidates and small business have put forth to create jobs in the private sector.