Sunday, January 30, 2011

What Are Your Thougts On The State Of Egypt And The World?

It seems as though the state of the world is in chaos. What are your thoughts on this? How do you think the Obama administration has effected this, if at all? How do you think all these revolutions will effect us here in America, if at all? Is there anything we as a nation can help or hurt this chaos around the world and in this country? Are those protesters racist, anarchists...? Where do you think the Obama administration should stand on Egypt or should they keep parting and going to basketball games like nothing is happening around the world? These are crazy times around the world and here in this country. We need to also ask ourselves why our government wants to have the right to turn off the Internet and cell phones? Do you think our government should have the right to take away these things just like Mubarak took it away from his people? Did you know that that is still going forward? I can't think of any reason when our government should take away our internet and cell phones. Can you?
 Latest on Egyptian Chaos    AP
Cairo: Anger Starting to Focus on Israel, US
By Melanie Lidmans
Saturday's optimism on the streets of Cairo for imminent political change gave way to anger on Sunday, as thousands of demonstrators became increasingly frustrated with the lack of response from major world leaders, especially the US.
During the main protest on Sunday in downtown Cairo, one man painted a 20-meter long message in flowing Arabic cursive that echoed across the square: "Go Away Mubarak, you are from the Americans, and you're working for them!" Egyptians understand that the world is waiting to see if President Hosnei Mubarak falls to popular pressure before major leaders decide which side to support. But this is infuriating for the demonstrators, who realize that six days of unrest has not accomplished their goals, and they need united international pressure in order to topple Mubarak.