Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama Opens Up Off Shore Drilling

Obama just opened up off shore drilling. But knowing the left they will tie it up in court till I'm 102. What do you think?

It Could Be Worse

All things considered it could be worse. We Could be giving free health care to all illegal immigrants in this country. The left have been saying that their is no way we will ever be giving free health care to those that came to this country illegally. And they would be right. This health care bill doesn't cover the health insurance for illegals. But if you could cover all those illegal immigrants with health care insurance they didn't earn,but stole,would most likely vote for that Party. Now if that Party gave amnesty to all illegals and all of our countries entitlements that group would most certainly owe that Party big time. Social Security checks and Obama Care for your vote. Now to all you Baby Boomers. If you add that many more people to SSI and Medicare doesn't your piece of the pie get smaller? Or will you just keep taking more and more from the next generation to fulfill their greedy lust for the future generations earnings? The CBO used to say that SSI will be going into the red in 2016. Last month SSI went into the red for the first time 6 years sooner then the CBO thought. Is that "fundamental change" you can believe in? But I don't think any Party would jab a stick in the side of the wakening giant. But the Democrats had no problem taunting the right wing with the Pelosi parade after they passed the largest entitlement since SSI.