Thursday, December 29, 2011

Are you prepared for the worse?

When did being prepared for the worse become fringe? Our government tells us what we should do in case of disasters or whatever. They say we need three months of food. A Bug-out-bag it you and your family need to get out of town fast. Do you have enough water? Protection? We had a blackout that lasted three days in the Midwest. After three days is when things start running out. What would you do if that happened and it lasted longer then a week or so? The water didn't run, we couldn't fill up our cars with gas, the stores were closed and everyone just stayed home for those few days. After three days is when thing will start getting dicey. If you live in the city or the burbs things will be different. If you live in a city where would you go before things turn ugly? Do you think the government will protect you or should you have some weapons and ammo and know how to use them well? If you have what it takes to stay alive other will want it and want to take it from you. Who will protect you? We all know what happened in Katrina. Will you be the poor soul begging the government to save you or will you be able to save yourself and loved ones? Anything can happen at any time. Just look around at what is and could happen to make your life vulnerable. Pray you never have to use these things. The odds are you won't. But the odds of getting a flat tire are small and yet you have a spare tire and a jack in your car.