Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jobless Rates Rise, Food Prices Expected To Jump Even Higher And OPEC Is Raising Gas Prices

I thought Obama and the Democrats were supposed to make things better for most Americans? We gave him our check book and he spent us into oblivion. He told us pumping trillions into our economy would fix everything. The Democratic Party had all the control over our government. They did everything they wanted to do. Obama cut off our domestic offshore oil productions. He printed money like there is no tomorrow. He threatened business with everything from obamacare, regulations and tax increases. He grew our government to an unsustainable size. We were told that giving our money to the unions,banks and big business would create jobs. It turns out that it destroyed private sector jobs will creating a debt that would crush the private sector.

On a positive note, 20% of Americans are unemployed or underemployed. That means they have more free time to spend with family and friends. The new normal under Obama is 9% unemployment without any relief in sight.

Today corn futures have ski rocketed. Like oil, corn is used for everything. We use it for gas, feed for livestock and we eat it like no other produce. Maybe it's time to start a garden? Inflation of food and oil is a tax that directly effects the middle and lower class. Do you think the elderly on a limited income prepared for this? Who is pushing grandma over the cliff now? You got it, Obama and the Democratic Party.

To recap, since Obama and the Democratic Party took over our money has gone to banks, big business, big labor unions and big government.  What did you get out of this deal? Higher food prices, higher gas prices, devalued money, fewer manufacturing jobs, unemployment over 9% with a real unemployment of 20%,a debt the Democratic Party wants to grow not shrink, division of our country and a shrinking private sector.

What else have we gotten? 3 wars and unrest all around the world. Our enemies still hate us even though Obama kisses their butts. Our friends have been treated like second class citizens by this admin. Riots and Muslim unrest. Has the world become more or less stable since Obama took office?

If we are too get out of the hole these idiots put us in we need a strong conservative leader. Conservatives and moderates need to get active in politics. We need to get active early in the Republican primaries.