Monday, September 6, 2010

Sharpton: State Senate Seat Is Black 'Heir' Property

This just oozes racism. I wouldn't like it if a white leader said this and I don't like it when a black leader does it. But what I don't understand is why the left are so excepting of this kind of thing within their ranks?

“When we talk about 1776, we really can’t celebrate that.”

Obama on ‘Powerful Interests’: ‘They Talk About Me Like a Dog’

CNN says Obama “flashed some anger” during his labor day speech in Milwaukee. It’s the adlibbed line here that’s getting all the attention:
This speech will rally the left,hopefully it doesn't push them to more violence. It will also rally the right while the middle scratch their head as they watch Obama divide the country some more. He is reaching out for the unions to back him and the Democratic Party. This speech will rally the left wing and we need to take this into account over the next 2 months. Obama and the Democratic Party wont make it easy for conservatives to take back both houses of congress. The unions are going to become the democratic zombie army and we all know what they are capable of doing to we the people. If there is any violence from the left then it will and should be tagged directly to the presidents speech. If you want to drive this economy off the cliff then put it in (D). If you want to stop flirting with socialism,big business and big labor unions payoffs then we need to put it in (R)everse.