Saturday, January 9, 2010

'Obama Doctrine' Detrimental To U.S./Open Thread...

A national defense analyst and former Reagan Defense Department official says he agrees with the assessment of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich that Americans are less safe than they were a year ago when Barack Obama took office.
Newt GingrichDuring a recent interview with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, Gingrich commented that North Koreans had another year to build missiles while Iranians had another year to develop nuclear weapons and continue paying for terrorists. The former lawmaker said the federal bureaucracy is so lacking in focus, it let the Christmas Day bomber get on an airplane despite the fact that he was on a terrorist watch list.
 "Even when this guy's father called the American Embassy and warned us specifically about his son, we couldn't find a way to stop him," Gingrich noted. 
 Frank GaffneyFrank Gaffney, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for international security during the Reagan administration who now runs the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC, says the United States is less safe than it was a year ago because of what he calls "the Obama Doctrine."
 "That [doctrine] can best be described in nine words: embolden our enemies, undermine our allies, and diminish our country," he explains.
 Gaffney believes Obama's foreign policy is clearly placing the United States in greater danger than when he took office.

 Lets take a look at Americas safety this weekend. I would like to hear from the left wing if they think we are safer now. They did tell us we were not safe under President Bush,even though the fact was we didn't get hit by another terrorist attack after 9/11. The other fact is that the Democrats said that they would make the world love us again and the terrorist would not want to attack us again,thus keeping us safer under Obama then under Bush. I think the the Democrats think they have a magical presents that will make all country love America again. A lot of idiots think they can do a better job of running a sports team then the last coach. But most of the time they fail worse then the last guy. I think Obama is too green and ignorent to know the difference between reality and academia. That brings to miund the old saying of ,"those that can do,while those that can't teach". This saying is as true as you can get when it comes to the liberal academia. Liberals think that because they think it works in their head it must be real. And yet most theories are proven wrong.      For the first year of this academic theories of liberalism I can honestly say nothing has turned out the way the Democrats said it would. If it has please tell us what has worked the way Obama and the Democrats said? As of late I would say that the deafening silence from the left says it all. This blog and others used to have more liberals then conservatives posting on them. But not any more. They will make up excuses but we know the reality is they can't keep making up excuses. They are getting tired out. While we on the right are getting energized. Have a great and safe weekend.