Friday, April 16, 2010

More Bruce Fealkisms

Bruce Fealk The Hater


Just Look At All The Hate From The Liberal Counter Protesters

Just look at all that anger and hate in her eyes.Liberals Gone Crazy
Just look at all that hate and anger coming from the left wing counter protesters.  I have made it clear what the intentions of the liberals is at these Tea Parties. They are trying to anger the Tea Partiers so they do something stupid. Stupid is what the liberals do. They have made themselves look bad and out of control. Just by taking a close look at these liberals I can see how they end up rioting at so many of their protests. They ain't right in the head. These are some of the people that Bruce Fealk calls his friends. They jump in our faces with a megaphone and when someone gets pissed and pushes them away they video tape it to say the Tea Parties are "scary".  And when someone pushes them out of the way they scream "don't touch me" and call the cops. Are you starting to see why the left want us to do what they do? Well we are nothing like them. They may find the crazy right wing wacko here and there but the left wing protesters all seem to be nuts to most Americans. 

They Try To Make It About Color But We Are Color Blind Just Like This Man

Reporter: “There aren’t a lot of African-American men at these events, have you ever felt uncomfortable?”

“These are my people. Americans.”
What a shame Democrats continue to try and divide the country by race and class. This man understands what is truly important. We are one nation, UNDER GOD! Too bad the reporter, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell doesn’t understand that.The liberals want to make everything about color. Why do you think that is?

More On Gary Peters and bfealk and Gary's New Thug

A video  Conservative Teacher has done some great work lately teaching us about the Rules For Radicals that Gary Peters uses. Peters has used people like Bruce Fealk to harrase his apponents. Bruce has been doing these kind of radical techniques on people he disagrees with. I think what A Conservative Teacher is doing is great. They are showing Peters and his minion for the sick twisted thugs they are. Put a big light on what these Democrats are willing to do. And to help I will promote any sight that futhers the conservative causes. Take a look at  a Conservative Teacher and watch as Peters is brought down this Nov. At the next TEA Party they need to sart pointing out this new thug and the old. Do what they are doing. Take pictures and video and make a blog diary of these left wing radicals. "Fight fire with fire." "They can dish it out but they can't take it".

Gary Peters Up to Same Old Tactics   just click and read the post.The whole story was covered by the American Thinker, linked here. Here is a picture of Fealk, in case you are interested.