Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Government Shutdown Serves The Democratic Party And That Is What The Democrats Are Banking On

How do you know when a Democrat is lieing? Yep, their lips are moving. While the Democrats are out trying to pin a government shutdown on the Republican Party they are saying a different story in private and on tape. When it comes down too it history has shown that a government shutdown has worked for the Democratic Party in the past. They will use the shutdown to demonize the "baby killing Republicans" just like they have done in the past.

The problem is I don't think the American voter believes the lieing zealot Democratic Party any more. Reality and rhetoric don't match up when it comes to the Democratic Party. They made a lot of promises and false hope that they didn't keep. They said they would fix everything, but the reality is they have broken everything worse then when they got it. We are broke and the Democratic Party wants to spend like 2012 is the last year. We must cut all wants from government spending and only keep the needs. We must pay down our debt, not make it larger every year for the next decade.

It's time we pay attention to America. We need to cut government spending or drown in debt like Japan is. We need to prepare for hard times by making cuts across the board. If we have a government shut down remember who it goes to serve if it comes to fruition. That is were the blame will lay.

Prices Are Rising Fast. What Are You Doing To Prepare?

We all know the effect that long term high gas prices have on our existance. We know the effect it will have on the auto factories, dealerships, food and just driving to work and back. I still remember the effect high gas prices did to the Northern parts of Michigan were people go to vacation. I love that part of this great and beautiful State of Michigan and we spend many days there throughout the year. It truely is Gods country Up North.

Now back to the subject. This year I see a lot of interest in home gardening and backyard homesteading. When I was a kid we raised ducks and sheep as well as a large garden for 4-H. Did I mention we lived on 3/4 of an acher in the Detroit suburbs? Everyone wanted to come play at our house and learn about the animals and eat the fresh fruits. The duck eggs were as cool as it got for our friends as kids.

I don't raise any farm animals, but I do have a large no till organic garden,raspberries,strawberries,elderberry,dewberry,mulberry,Bing cherry,Rainer cherry,Mongolian cherry,paw paw fruit,honey crisp apple,kiwi,grape,goji berry,fig and pear. I have all this on 3/4 of an acher down the road from where I grew up.

We eat well out of our yard and there is still lots of room to play. When we have people over they love just eating off the bushes. This year my families labors will pay off even greater then ever. Last year we were able to eat from Spring till early Winter out of the garden for our vegetables and fruit needs.

It always been about putting my land to work for me and my family. With a little time and effort this year we will be able to feed ourselves and many others. I'm planning on taking out some people I know to do some wild crafted food gathering out in the woods and water. We will collect and prepare enough for ourselves and a homeless organization in our county. Young kids love collecting the cattail tops in early Spring. We steam them and eat them like corn. It's a high energy food with lots of minerals. The pith is also very good in a salad and it tastes like cucumber. Digging up burdock and sunchoke roots and collecting the many edible greens. There is a quality to this kind of food that you can't buy in a store.

It didn't take a lot of gas to produce this food source. It also took my family out of the market, helping helping reduce demand by a little. I'm taking leaves out of the landfill and using them to produce a needed commodity. I help by keeping rare heirlooms for biodiversity and genetic diversity. The garden also takes carbon out of the air and back into the ground by using layered no till gardening. I use organic folier feeding so there is no waste.

My garden is high in organic material and minerals so we are eating the healthiest rich in nutrient foods we can produce. I never spray chemicals on the plants to kill bugs. I spray colloidal silver on the plants to kill bug eggs,bacteria and viruses on the leaves. Colloidal silver is also good for us as well and it helps foods last longer. A lot longer.

We can't do much about gas prices. But we can do a little by planting a garden. As the price of food keeps going up, the value of your garden is going up as well. God does most of the work and the payoff is great. Put the machines God made to work just by feeding the soil. Have fun and get the kids involved. It's their garden too. And don't forget to thank God for that salad.
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