Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Extravagent Teachers Salaries Exposed

Power and money. That is what these public union protests are all about. If the unions had their way teachers would make even more money then they do know. There would be even fewer teachers at the schools and many more teachers aids doing the work of teaching. We have been doing it the teachers union way for a long long time now. It's time we "redistribute" the power the unions have over we the tax payers and the children. It's time we put the kids first for a change. As the teachers unions have gotten extravagent benefits and pay the children have been getting a progressively worse education. Our government run schools are some of the worse in the world thanks in part to the power the unions have over our children's education. It's bad enough that the unions took all that Stimulus money so they wouldn't have to take any cuts. But the Stimulus was nothing less then a Democratic Party/union payoff. The Stimulus didn't recover the economy like the Democrats thought it would. We are broke at every level of government. But to the unions and Democratic Party it's still not enough. They will bleed the public sector dry with higher and higher taxes. Taxing the private sector to the point of death. Adding higher taxes to those that pay taxes wont create jobs. It wont save the educational system. But it will make the violent and threatening unions happy and still in power.