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Open Thread: Speak Your Mind Right and Left

WATCH: Harry Reid Denies Saying the 'War Is Lost'

Socialist Working for Pres. Obama

Ground Zero Mosque Investor Was Terror Contributor



  1. The nonsense about President Obama being a Muslim has got to stop. I rise to defend him from this absurd accusation by pointing out that he is obviously an atheist.

    Leave aside Obama's fanatical opposition to allowing Illinois hospitals to save the lives of babies with God-given souls inadvertently born alive during abortions. Also leave aside the fact that neither of his parents were Christians. And leave aside his current crop of "spiritual advisers," which is a collection of Mother Earth worshippers, polytheists and other nonbelievers.

    Now rest from all that "leaving aside."

    The only evidence for Obama's Christianity is that he faithfully attended the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years.

    Yes, the guy bellowing "God damn America!" is the one vouching for Obama's Christianity. That's like saying you got sober with the help of your A.A. sponsor Lindsay Lohan.

    It is a fact that any non-retarded person (thank you, Rahm Emanuel!) sitting in the Rev. Wright's church for 20 minutes, much less 20 years, does not believe in God. Even stepping inside Wright's church for a moment to get out of the rain is borderline racist.

    Going to Trinity United Church of Christ is even stronger evidence of nonbelief than Bill Clinton returning from Sunday services to receive oral sex from Monica Lewinsky. This isn't mere sin -- everybody sins (though some with more frequency and less remorse than others).

    Attending Wright's church is the conscious, calculated decision to immerse yourself in hate-filled demagoguery and call it "Christianity."

    But according to North Korean TV's Chris Matthews, it is a provable, scientific fact that Obama is a Christian because he says so. "Everybody watching right now," Matthews said to his several viewers last week, "gets credit for being of the religion you say you are. ... We accept that in America. It's called freedom of religion and respect for religion."

  2. one of the financial backers of the Islamic mosque and cultural center project in Lower Manhattan once contributed to a terror group, although the investor says the contribution was made because he thought he was giving money to a harmless charity.

    One of the key players in Sharif El-Gamal's Mosque near Ground Zero is Egyptian born businessman, Hisham Elzanaty. Fox 5 News has learned exclusively and confirmed with Mr. Elzanaty’s attorney that Elzanaty made a “significant investment” in the development of the mosque near Ground Zero.

    Fox 5 has also uncovered Elzanaty has teamed up with El-Gamal on at least two real estate deals: the controversial mosque site and another deal involving a commercial property in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.

  3. President Barack Obama’s Oval Office has received a thorough facelift, including new drapes and furniture. In addition, a new carpet boasts some of the president’s favorite quotes:

    “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt
    “The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Towards Justice” – Martin Luther King, Jr.
    “Government of the People, By the People, For the People” – President Abraham Lincoln
    “No Problem of Human Destiny is Beyond Human Beings” – President John F. Kennedy
    “The Welfare of Each of Us is Dependent Fundamentally Upon the Welfare of All of Us” – President Theodore Roosevelt

    The quote from Teddy Roosevelt sounds an awful lot like collective salvation, but I digress. Unfortunately, the quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. is not actually a quote from King. Sure, King recited the words, but they were originally written in 1853 by 19th-century Unitarian minister Theodore Parker.

  4. There is an instinctive conclusion among the American public that President Obama's stimulus package has failed to create a sustained recovery. Unemployment has increased, not declined; consumers have retrenched; housing starts have crashed along with mortgage applications; and there is a fear that a double-dip recession may very well be in the pipeline. The public perception, reflected in Pew Research/National Journal polls, is that the measures to combat the Great Recession have mostly helped large banks and financial institutions, and that's a view common to Republicans (75 percent) and Democrats (73 percent). Only one third of either political leaning thinks government policies have done a great deal or a fair amount for the poor.

    There is another instinctive conclusion among the American people. It is that the national deficit, and the debts we have accumulated, are of critical political importance. On the national debt, the money the government has spent without the tax revenues to pay for it has produced mind-numbing numbers so large as to be disconnected from reality. Zeros from here to infinity. The sums are hard to describe; it is hard to describe an elephant, but you know one when you see one. The public knows that, shuffle the numbers as you may, the level of debt is unsustainable.

    Who could be surprised since millions of voters have discovered that for themselves? As one realizes the morning after the night before, there is an unavoidable penalty for excess. It is unnerving to wake up and learn that you have a mortgage on your home that exceeds the value of the property. Or, and too often both, you have a credit card line that you cannot repay and the issuer has you on the rack for ever bigger compound interest on the debt. The lesson has been well and truly learned that debt catches up with you. Millions understand that they are just going to have to find a way to live within their means—and then still eke out some savings to pay down debt. And there are well over 14 million Americans without a paying job, so the level of discontent is very high. Just how are they going to regain control of their lives?

  5. Anon needs his own blog.

    I disagree with Anons classification of Rev. Wrights church. While it may not strike the average White american as a Christian church, it still teaches an evangelical notion of God that while not exactly like the Lutheran tradition is close enough that i will leave the judgment of their Christianity to God.

    And twenty years of attending a church that teaches Jesus was born, suffered and died for our sins isn't enough to prove ones Christianity than i am not sure what would qualify. Certainly Anons judgment leaves a large majority of Black religious leaders, black church goers and in general most black people not riding the escalator in the sky. Is that an attack only on Obama or an attack on the minority group in and of itself? Certainly the 6,000 members of that church who think of themselves as Christian are also up for indictment also if we go by Anons views.

    Me i am sad to see further division between Black and white protestant churches.

  6. I think Obama is a Liberation Theology Christian that believes that Jesus was the original Marxist. I don't see anywhere in the Bible that would show Liberation Theology or Marxism is the path towards Jesus. But I don't understand why Obama tries to BS us into thinking he isn't Black Liberation Theology. He did spend 20 years in a BLT and his 'spiritual leaders' in the WH are Marxist. The reason Obama is dodging any questions on BLT is because most Americans would not agree with it's teachings.

  7. Joe I haven't been seeing a division within black and white churches. It's just the opposite from my view. Black Liberation and Hispanic Liberation is by it's name and essence divisive.

  8. Joe,

    The 10 Commandments in Judaism and Christianity are to be followed especially by their respecyive clergy.

    The 4th Commandment cleary states;
    "Do not take the name of the Lord in vain"

    Rev. Wright who claims to be a Christian clergyman cleary stated;
    " No, no, no, God damn America"

    That is not Christian nor is he if he ever was one to begin with.

    Furthermore, if Hussein as a supposed Christian listened to that and did not condem it on the spot but kept on returning for 20 years there is no possible way he could ever be considered Christian either.

    There is just no way around this, it is what it is.

  9. In Spain, at Sevilla.

    Some local people found a way to stop the construction of another mosque in their town.

    They buried a pig on the site, making sure this would be known by the local press.

    The Islamic rules forbid the erecting of a Mosque on "pig soiled ground".

    The moslems had to cancel the project..this land was sold to them by government officials.

    No protests were needed by the local people...and It worked !!!

  10. About "Pinky" (Sen. Harry Reid), he is in big trouble here in the state of Nevada. We have the highest unemployment rate and foreclosure rate in the country. He (Pinky) touts himself as the "all powerful senate majority leader" but couldn't even get the president to apologize for his "don't go blow your money on a trip to Vegas" comment-times two. Since that comment, over 700 conventions (ranging from very small to large) have been cancelled in LV. Harry has lost the principle that he works for the people of Nevada - not the other way around. As for the "Rev. Wright" issue, he makes his money off fueling the hatred of others by inciting (over and over) some real injustices from the past. The distant past, but events that still haunt the sheep enough to follow the wolf.

  11. Chris, there is nothing within the liberation theology that says marxism is the way to heaven. All Liberation theologies i have studied both Catholic and protestant acknowledge that repentance and belief that Jesus died for your sins is the path to heaven. I don't know where you get otherwise.

    CP- your surprisingly weak rebuttal makes me wonder if you understand both how to speak english and biblical studies. He was not using the lords name in vain, he was making a point during his sermon. I am sure that in the long line of Pastors who sin against God, the Family first c0-founder and conservative christian did much worse and we're not proclaiming his church followers as heathens and atheists correct?

  12. Beth, great idea. Go from protected free speech and assembly in protesting it to becoming criminals. Trespassing, destruction of property, civil rights violations and possible hate crime charges would be awaiting the people who do this.

    As the Guiness guys say, "BRILLIANT!!"

  13. Joe Still Think Mosque Is WrongAnd Still Think There Will Be A Hard Time Getting It Built By Citizens. What You Think?

    Also Saw In Paper Unions Are Going After Auto Companies In 2011 To Get Back Some Of Lost Bennies. Have Not We Traveled That Road Recently?
    Started Seeing These Auto Adds Again Where Employees Get A Good Break Supposedly. Seems There Going After The Wrong Customers Again. What Do You ThinK?
    Union Wants Their Piece Of The Pie. I Did Not Realize There Was A Pie Yet.

  14. Al, when we gave them concessions the company said that sacrifices would be on both sides. Then they came around and asked for more concessions, and in asking for concessions they moved back the quarterly profit report till we voted. Then after they announced a profit they restored salary bonus's, and other benefits for them but not us.

    And don't get all partisan here on this one, some of our most active conservatives are pushing for this as hard as anyone.

    Its just basic dignity. I'm willing to share the sacrifice, but i want to share the rewards too. And you can't come to me knowing your making a profit and ask for more sacrifices, and that you'll be giving bonus's to other workers a month down the road. Would you feel alittle upset?

    Bob King got played by Mulally and he's pissed. The union pushed us to take the 2nd concessions hard and then the company goes and pisses on them by rewarding salary after the first profitable quarter in awhile. It was a bad play by MulaLLY because now Bob can't back down. We'll go out in 2011.

  15. I Was Not Getting Partisan On Ya Just Trying To Figure Out How Strikes Going To Benifit Ford Or Union At This Time But Hey Its Your Ball Game.

    Still Dont Think Those Employee Only Ads Are Going To Make Citizens By American Built Cars Its That Being Pissed On Thingy.

  16. Al, strikes right now won't help, but its going to happen. The rank and file are pissed about the salary benefit returns two months after they ask us for more concessions.

    They feel Bob King was weak and didn't look out for us, and Bob i believe feels the heat. He'll play hardball. And then we walk.

  17. Hey Chris, whats up with the conservatives and there penchant for lying in the recent campaign.

    Jan Brewer gets caught for her father dying of lung cancer after the war, not during the war fighting Nazi's and the beheadings. Not good.

    please check out my blog on her. (i'm attention whoring)

    And how did Glenn Beck restore Honor by lying about things in his speech?

  18. Joe I Guess Beck Could Have Said "They Held It In Front Of Me With Gloves On And I Saw The Front And Back Of It While They Held It" To Make Liberals Who Are Really Crasping At Straws Feel Better.

    Liberals Have Nothing In The Next Two Months To Actually Hang Their Hat On. So Lets Go After Beck How Pathetic. He Was Also RIGHT About You Known That Sandy Berger Thing Stuffin His Soxs Full Of Papers And Getting Caught, Ooops.

    Hows This For HONOR : It All Depends On What You Mean By "IS" And My Personnel Favorite " I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman". Joe Just Depends On Your Ideaology You Know Lying To Citizens Even If Your President!

  19. Joe saids,"Chris, there is nothing within the liberation theology that says marxism is the way to heaven. All Liberation theologies i have studied both Catholic and protestant acknowledge that repentance and belief that Jesus died for your sins is the path to heaven. I don't know where you get otherwise." You must not have studied it that much Joe since giving up youe 'white wealth' is a large part of Liberation theology as well as collective salvation.

  20. Joe said,"Its just basic dignity. I'm willing to share the sacrifice, but i want to share the rewards too. And you can't come to me knowing your making a profit and ask for more sacrifices, and that you'll be giving bonus's to other workers a month down the road. Would you feel alittle upset?" Don't you have profit sharring in this contract Joe? Then what are you talking about? That is the profit sharring so why does the union want more? Do they want to kill any chance of surviving with the Big Three?

  21. Joe the union was asked for concessions but did they give them? We know the answer is NO. Is the Big Three only there to be profitable to the unions? It sounds like greed to me. The nice thing is that Ford wont have any problem finding new employees that will work for a living if the union strikes. Do you remember what happened to the Detroit News/Freepress union strikes? They got greedy as well and then those same shmucks couldn't find jobs as porters because of their non-work ethics. The union members can't afford to go through a strike and neither can any of the Big Three. I hope you UAW workers can find jobs that pay as well as the Big Three pay when they tell them their not worth the BS and throw their collective butts out on the street.

  22. The Beck thing you are talking about is a big deal to the left. Most Americans look at it as a misspoken moment out of many. Beck came clean on it the next day and cleartified his statement. I haven't heard the Jan Brewer thing yet but we conservatives will hold our political figures to the coals unlike the left.That is the good thing about us conservatives. We govern our own and the left just keep lieing for theirs.

  23. Hey,Joe did you know that abortions are covered under obamacare? Is that a big fat lie? Did ya know that we can't keep our own doctors? When will you go after the big lies from the left instead of the anictdotal stuff of the right?

  24. black liberation theology06 September, 2010 13:23

    Joe needs to read up on James Cone the founder of black liberation theology. Chris seems to know what he is talking about when it comes to blt.

  25. Now that the jig is up and Fealk's little buddies in the Oakland Democrat party are in big trouble for election fraud, do you suppose he will be implicated as well? It sounds like his M.O.

  26. It does sound like his M.O. I'll look into it. If you have any more info please let me know.

  27. Chris, please you've had chances to show some form of document, sermon ect. that shows that liberation theology does not believe in the redemption of Jesus as the sole way to heaven. All i have seen from you is the same words, "colective salvation" put no proof.

    Please prove it.


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