Monday, October 18, 2010

'The View' vs. O'Reilly: Round 2


Now Joy is the same person that bashes Christians and Jews at every turn.  These women talk about bullying when they are the bullies. I'm getting sick of the one sided View.

WATCH: Obama Screams at Heckler


President Barack Obama  was in Massachusetts today helping out Governor Deval Patrick’s reelection effort. Speaking at a campaign rally earlier today, however, he was met with a bit of a road bump– hecklers who objected to the amount of AIDS research funding his administration has so far provided. To which an angry President Obama retorted: “look at what the Republican leadership has to say about AIDS funding.”
The President appeared uncharacteristically upset as, mid-sentence, a group of folks in the crowd began to loudly object to his speech as he described the work his administration had done for AIDS research. As the crowd turned their heads up to look at the hecklers, President Obama followed as well, and modified his speech for them, menacingly pointing his finger up at them as he warned that a Republican leadership would be extremely destructive to their cause. After raising his voice mid-sentence in response to them, President Obama continued: “One of the great things about being a Democrat is, we like arguing with each other. But to the folks concerned about AIDS funding, I would say ‘take a look at what the Republican leadership has to say about AIDS funding." Has the presidency of the USA been reduced to such a level in less then 2 years? I for once would like to see our president act like a president instead of a "community organizer". It is embarrassing to see these actions coming from a leader.

The UAW And The Destruction Of GM

The company formally known as General Motors (informally known as Government Motors) is preparing for an initial public stock offering (IPO). However, it appears the attractiveness of the “new” GM continues to be scarred by an old curse, the United Auto Workers.
Saturday’s demonstration was organized by workers from the automaker’s big assembly plant in Orion, Michigan to protest the UAW’s decision to allow GM to assign workers with seniority of 10 years to a second-wage tier that would require them to take a 50 percent cut in pay.
“They didn’t tell us anything until the very last minute,” said Nick Waun, a member of UAW Local 5960.
He noted union officials had kept quiet about the potential for steep pay cuts for more than a year.

The UAW’s internal battle with its own members, who may push to end the concessions next year in negotiations, may put a damper on any possible enthusiasm investors may have toward investing in a business that is partially owned by the government, as well as the union. Things aren't looking good for the American UAW worker and retirees. They better put the health and wealth of GM first for a change or they will all be out of a job. The UAW makes it their purpose in life to go after the Big Three as if the Big Three are the enemy instead of the hand that feeds them. If GM was doing well and making lots of money the union members would get some great profit sharing checks. But the unions want up front money rather then profit sharing checks. How nice would it be if the unions put profits first. If they want job security then keeping the Big Three making money should be job #1.