Sunday, March 13, 2011

Watch This Video And Then Tell Me That Unions Are Great

Montage Documenting Union Violence and Racism against the Tea Party and Walker Supporters WARNING THIS IS VIDEO OF UNIONS.

Send this video to everyone you know and post it on your blog. We need to see who is asking us to reach into our pockets and pay them. Don't you feel better knowing that these same union members have a monopoly over us? Do you really want these unions in control? You have seen the pictures of the damage they have done to our public property haven't you? See these unions have no problem destroying things and making our public property their private pigsty. We are in a massive fiscal problem in almost every state in the union. These states wont get a bailout like they got from the failed stimulus bill.

In fact the unions should be happy since we added to our national debt to pay off the public unions. We put our kids in debt so that the unions wouldn't have to make major cuts. See how they thank us and our children? Those same children that are going to get the bill for the public union bailout stimulus are also getting a third rate education by those public union teachers.

I'm not taking another penny out of my pocket to keep the fat cat public unions in greed. If the left-wing wants these public unions to keep on keeping on then they can pay for it out of the goodness of their liberal hearts. But that is the problem. The liberals goodness goes away real fast when they have to reach into their own pockets. Anyone can be generous with other peoples money.

I'd like to see these mops at these anti-taxpayer protests pass the hat around so we can see how much is in it at the end of the day. How do you think the unions and liberals have portrayed themselves?

Jesse Jackson: Scott Walker Pushing a 'Confederate

Liberals say the dumbest things. This is just more proof that liberalism may be a mental illness. The way the unions keep saying that Republicans and Tea Partiers are trying to kill the middle class and minorities. You have to laugh at these sausages.