Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Have The Democrats Done To Create Private Sector Jobs?

Open Thread.  Talk about what you'd like but I have one question first. I'd just like to know what the Democratic Party has done to help create jobs in the private sector? They've done it all for the unions and the public sector.

Why Are Gas Prices Going Up So Fast?

AP File
Gasoline rationing and $5 pump prices are predicted by 2012 for consumers if U.S. politicians don't get their act together, a former Shell executive said. I don't know about you but gas prices are well over $3 a gallon where I live. And I know that the world demand is very low right now. Welcome back Carter.

Krauthammer: Defunding Obamacare Is a Bad Idea

Krauthammer says that it could be too damaging politically for Republicans to defund Obamacare because it would give Democrats an argument to say that the reason it isn't working to well is because Republicans are killing it. I agree with Krauthammer on this. The Progressives/Democratic Party must not be rescued from this horrendous obamacare bill. The American people need to be reminded that it was the Democratic Party and especially the Progressives that put this weight on our economy and the tax payers so they will never forget. What do you think?

Obama Praises Vick the Dog Killer

President Obama's praise for convicted dog-murderer Michael Vick receiving a second chance really fired up Megyn Kelly earlier today on Fox News. In a debate with Bernadette Pauley, animal rights activist and Dr. R.L. White, President of the NAACP in Atlanta (where Vick previously played football), Kelly wondered whether this was an overblown story or whether the President truly was wrong for picking Vick's second chance as worthy of praise. It's seems that calling a convicted dog killer on vacation was top priority for Obama. And what a smart call that was. It gives him street cred. Why would Obama do this?

New Black Panthers Plot With Ahmadinejad to Overthrow America

Aren't you glade Obama didn't play racial politics with the NBPP? It sure does seem like the left-wing has all the issues with race, the white race and Jews. Now I know we have been hearing a lot about the Tea Partiers being the racist. But when it comes down to racism and violence the lefties have us conservatives beat 10 to 1. It also seems as though Ahmadinejad still hates America even though he likes Obama. I wonder why that is?