Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Believe In You

Unlike the Democratic Party and liberals, I believe in you and so does the Republican Party. I want you to do with your money as you please, even if it's not what I would do with it. I believe that you will make mistakes with your freedom. But I also believe that you will learn form those mistakes.

It's time the Republicans come out and tell the American people that they believe in them. That they believe they are the only one that can fix our economy. Not the government. I believe you can govern yourself better then the government can.

If you believe in Americans to govern themselves there is only one Party that agrees with you, and that is the Republican Party. Democrats want don't think you can do what is right for you. They don't think you will make the right decisions with your free will.

We have seen what happens when the government makes all the decisions with your money and freedoms. They pick the winners and looser and we have all lost thanks to this failed ideology. This country is the first and only country that has put the power to govern in the hands of the individual citizen and not in the collective. We know this works because we are the best country the world has ever known. We are wealthier then all the other countries. Our economy controls their economies, that is how great we are.

Now I can see where the liberals are coming from on this. They know that they will not get all the crap they want if it was left up to free will giving. They know that the only way they can get ahead is if they take from one American and give to themselves. They don't believe in themselves let alone in others to support their wants. But we have all seen how little liberals give compared to conservatives and they are right. So we all know that the liberal wont take cutting them off from the American tax payers deep pocket. We all remember how they bitch about the cuts in welfare reform. They didn't believe that the poor could help themselves and take care of themselves. They don't believe in you. Well I have to say I do believe in you. Both liberals and conservatives. I know the liberals will be the ones in the nest not willing to fly on their own. But once the nest is gone they will fly just like they always have. They just need a little kick that's all. Don't let Obama, the Democratic Party and the MSM tell you that Americans are feeble and weak. We are all given the same rights and equal justice no matter what the left-wing say.