Saturday, February 19, 2011

Open Thread: Rhetoric vs Reality GOP Fights Back

How about we have a little reality when it come to who is calling for violence,who is breaking the law and who isn't following their own advice. America needs to take a close look at who is lawless. American has stopped listening to the left-wing because of their lies about the Tea Party members. If these protests break in to any form of violence, America will see it for what it is. When they become violent, I pray they don't, it will be the end to any positive public sentiment. The more we see of the liberals, the more we learn what they are and the more we dislike them. Just ask people what they think of the public unions and their greed and lawlessness. Breaking the law isn't being civil. That's just being criminal. Our jails and prisons are full enough with liberals. This is an open thread so talk about what you are thinking about.

Democratic Party Refuses Democracy In Wisconsin

wisconsin signwisconsin signwisconsin signwisconsin signIt seems as though the Democratic Party in Wisconsin is not only anti-government like the unions, they are also against democracy by not doing their job and voting. Is this what the Democratic Party and Obama stand for? Do they stand for teachers breaking the law by not teaching the children? Do they stand with the Democrats in Wisconsin that refuse democracy in order to get their way? We are a country of laws. The way the teachers have been using children is sickening to me.
     It's great the way the Democratic Parties fingerprints are all over the busing in of protesters to bully democracy.
 Teachers threaten to withhold education if they don't get what they want fro the tax payers.
[Content WARNING: Contains strong language that may offend, and may be inappropriate for, some.]

Pro-Life Activist Exposes Planned Parenthood

The left-wing keep protecting this group, Planned Parenthood. They will use their talking points that these Planned Parenthood called the police. Not all of them called the police well after the pimp had left. Most of them just helped the child traffickers as if it happens all the time at Planned Parenthood. I find it hard to believe that the left-wing put so much effort into keeping this organization funded by the tax payers. Not only should we cut all funding to this organization. We need to do a federal investigation on them and their role in the sex trade industry.

The Tea Party would be wise to start showing up at these Planned Parenthoods and protesting with the pro-choicers. The Tea Party and the pro-choicers feel the same way about abortion being against our fundamental right of LIFE. The left refuse to see the scientific proof that an embryo is life. They also refuse to believe what science and technology has tought us about what is really happening inside a womens womb.