Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's All About Race With The Left Wing

O'Reilly: Race Injected Into Oil Spill

The reason the left always make everything about race is because they are trying to segregate the populations again. Since the civil rights movement the liberals have been taking race segregation from another direction. Before the civil rights movement with Dr.King black and white were segregate. But Dr.King changed that. Soon after the left wing took segregation from another angle. They pushed to have the blacks choose to segregate themselves from the whites. This is when we started seeing black only schools,BET and every other black only left wing segregationist ploy. Why would the left want segregation and how does it serve them and their purpose? We need to start seeing what the left wing as doing as segregation. They just found a form of segregation that is more palatable then the original form we had before the 60's. Look at who controls the race banter in the dialogue up until now. It's been the left. But I don't think the left wing is doing it because they are ma bunch of racist. They do it because it serves their left wing ideology. If people of color lived by the principles that Dr.King and the Bible taught the left would never have power in this country. The only way to fight the left wings attempts to divide and segregate us is to reach out like Dr.King did and integrate. When those brave black Americans went to the all white school in order to stop the segregation and did it with fear in their eyes. The civil rights movement was all about bringing all Americans together as one. Why now is it being pushed to have black only schools and universities? Why is the left trying so hard to undo what the civil rights movement did? And why is color always the main focus with the left? We need to speak out about the left wings use of race to divide us. The truth is coming out about who is using race for political gain. We need to stop the left wing from using race as a weapon to divide us.
The Little Rock Nine.