Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is the President Clueless About How the Economy Works?

It sure does seem like he doesn't have a clue. Just look at all the trillions of dollars he has pumped into his "ventures" and look at the outcome. If anything, putting us deeper into debt and mortgaging our future and children's future has harmed the economy. Obamanomics is a bigger failer then his hero Jimmy Carter. What do you expect from a lawyer and community organizer? He's doing the best he can and it ain't good enough. His ineptness is pushing this country into economic chaos. What will happen when the states,cities...start needing to go bankrupt in the next couple of years?

'O'Reilly Factor' Producer Confronts Planned Parenthood Executive

 New undercover Live Action footage from inside a Bronx, N.Y., Planned Parenthood clinic for the first time shows a Planned Parenthood supervisor/practitioner willing to assist a man posing as a pimp, even offering guidance on how the pimp's underage girls can get insurance through taxpayer-funded programs to pay for abortions and other services even if the underage girls that are not U.S. citizens.
"O'Reilly Factor" producer Jesse Watters confronted Planned Parenthood Vice President for Communications Stuart Schear in New York City Tuesday morning and asked him about the footage. It seems the more we see and hear these Planned Parenthood people the worse they look. It's time to defund this group. Groups like this corrupt our country.