Friday, January 14, 2011

It Seems The Left-Wing Didn't Get Obama's Speech
This is what the and MSNBC had in mind when it comes to toning it down. No matter what proof comes of this shooting the left-wing wont give up this inflammatory rhetoric. It is obvious that the left-wing hate conservatives. Don't they even see that they are partaking in the rhetoric they say the right-wing is doing? Why are these liberals doing everything they can to inflame the left? Are they trying to push a copy cat killer? If they believe that it is rhetoric that killed all those people then why are they doing it? It just doesn't make any sense to me. If I only listened to the MSM I'd think this murderer Loughner was Innocent and it is the conservatives that need to pay for this crime. It seems as though the left-wing are working for the defence of this murderer. It is what it is. As long as the members of the Democratic Party and the President doesn't get into this witch hunt the left-wing and the MSM will give it up. If the President and the members of the Democratic Party follow MSNBC and the Democratic Undergrounds lead, instead of the way the Presidents speech lead us to believe. Then we know what we are dealing with. If they start with the inflammatory language they say is causing weak people to go crazy and kill we will know what their true intentions are. To inflame the weak,their words not conservatives. If they go that route we have every right to question their intentions of this country. And if the left rise up, or the right we will have every reason to blame them. But that's a lot of "if's".