Monday, June 20, 2011

Slavery of Black Muslim Africans in Modern Arab Islamic Country

Liberals think that this isn't evil. But liberals also think that killing babies isn't evil either.

This isn't evil according to liberals and many Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa. But like men pressuring a women to kill her baby with abortion this is just another way for these men to have dominance over these women.

I'm wondering where all the women's rights organizations are when it comes to the Qua ran treatment of women? Where are those women's rights groups on the forced abortions being done in this country? Are you still wondering why liberals and radical Muslims have come together? Do you really think that these people can't see the difference between what is good and evil? Both sides want domination or another human based on sex, religion or standing in society.

We need to stand up for what is right and good. We need to speak boldly and without fear. To say nothing in the face of evil is evil itself. Stand up and speak boldly. Hiding from this evil will not make it go away. Many Muslims and Christians have died over these subjects. Wars between Muslims have been going on since this religion began. I would proudly stand with any Muslim or atheist that want to stop this kind of treatment of others in the name of the Qua ran. The problem is most people are afraid to stand up against this form of Islam because they will kill them. But our liberal friends choose to stand with this form of Islam. Is it any surprise why they do this? Why would liberals stand with a religion that goes against everything they say they stand for? Could it be that liberal stand for nothing? Could it be that they only stand against all that is good? What are your thoughts on this?