Thursday, March 31, 2011

Conservatives and Tea Partiers Need to Serve Their Community

Conservatives and the Tea Party have done a great job of getting involved in politics. We have also given support to the candidates we helped get elected. But this isn't enough. We have seen the actions of the unions and the left-wing. The country has seen what the left-wing rallies leave behind. They will be judged by Americans and the world by their actions. We conservatives will also be judged by our actions over our rhetoric.

So let's show the country we are here to serve. We Tea Partiers need to step up and serve our country and communities. There are many Americans in need right now. There is a need for food,clothing,guidance and love. Yes I said it love. Love your neighbor,your enemy and yourself. We need to come out as Tea Partiers and serve our neighbors. Find something you can do to serve. Most of us have more food then we need. It might be a good idea for Tea Partiers to do a grass roots food drive. Let the community know who we are. We are about serving the community and building our country up. You can take the food and clothing and give it any way you see fit. Get together with your Tea Party friends and make an effort to feed the poor and serve our fellow Americans regardless of ideology of the receiver. Set a date and time to meet with the Tea Partiers. Bring some of your extra food and other gifts and fill the food pantries at the Churches,Mosques and Temples. Find homeless and give them food. Take it to your out of work neighbor or family member. Call the news papers and TV to let them know you are doing this food drive for the needy. Let them know you are the Tea Party and that the Tea Party is here to serve the community. Organize a grass roots movement to help the needy. Ask the public to help and donate to this cause. If the needy show up feed them. Let's show the community what we stand for. We can do a lot of good in this country if we use our Tea Party organizations.

Doing this will also have a side effect. It will give the communities that we serve a image of us that is real. Let's connect ourselves with the rest of the communities we live in. It all starts with a few people taking this to their Tea Party meetings. If the Tea Party you belong too likes the idea they will do it. One Tea Party after another we will serve and lead in our communities. An image of the Tea Party patriots that will effect our communities in a positive way. It doesn't matter if we only feed one needy family, it will be worth the effort.

All I ask of the left-wing in this country is to pick up after yourselves and be peaceful. I think the picture will be clear to most Americans if we can make this happen. We can all step up a little to make a positive effect in this country.

One of the things I'm doing is teaching gardening at community events. I do this so those people can have an abundance to give to the needy. I do this for these organizations for free so that I can ask them to help feed the poor in their communities. I want the food pantries full of fresh foods as well as canned. I want them to eat the best food we can give them. They deserve the best and the best comes out of a loved garden. Living in Michigan I don't have to go far to find someone in need of some good food made with love. When they thank me I tell them to thank God since He did most of the work. Our communities need us to serve them. We need to find ways to lead in the service of our communities. It's time to take it to the streets and fill the food pantries for the needy. Find a way to serve and do it. Let's serve others and see what happens. Gods speed and have fun. God does likes a cheerful giver and so does the receiver.

Does Obama's Birth Certificate Say He Is A Muslim?

Trump has brought a new twist to the "Birther" argument. He is wondering if Obama's birth certificate gives his religion as Muslim. Here is a birth certificate from Hawaii 1963. I didn't see a place for religion on it. Can you? Thank goodness it doesn't have a religion on the certificate. If it did and Obama's did have Muslim on it that could mean a change in national security. As Muslims look at it he would be a defector of Islam and they would put a bounty on Obama. This wouldn't be a good thing. I just wish he would shut this whole debate down with his birth certificate.