Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Open Thread:Obama Approval Sinks to 38%. He Blames Racism,Tea Party,Republicans...and Earthquake

GALLUP: President Obama's job approval drops to 38% while he is riching it up on vacation. It seems most Americans are realizing that liberal policies don't work. I'm sure the president will find someone to blame for his approval rating and the lack of results. It's nice to know that the American people are starting to understand that the Tea Party has been right all along. Obama is change for the worse.

This is an open thread so debate what you want. There is a lot going on in this country and around the world. Speak you mind.

Social Security Disability Insurance To Run Out Of Money By 2017

Social Security disability insurance is set to run out of money by 2017. Social Security is soon to follow thanks to the Democratics Party inability to fix the problems that will be faced in the near future. My generation has already been told that SSI will not be there for us even though we have put our money into it. The Baby Boomers are now coming of the age when they are starting to use SSI and disability insurances.

The Democratic Party would rather say that the Republicans are trying to destroy these programes when all they want to do is make them solvent for the next generation. Since no one has the guts to stand up to those that would rather take all they can from the intitlements rather then take a little less now so the next generation has what they have paid for we will all be in trouble in the near future. The truth of the matter is the Democratic Party could care less that SSI Disability is going under. They could care less that people will die because they can't work and the insurance they paid into wont be there for them or their children if they ever need it.

The government and entitlements have been a failure to our society and because the failure wont show till the next generation they wont do anything about it. But when the money is gone before the Me Generation has had their fill maybe now something will be done about it.

What do you think the future of this country will look like when the next generation is told that they wont get what they paid for? What do you think the streets will look like when both SSI and Disability insurance are no longer solvent and their are no more tax payers to plunder for these programs? Do you think that there will be violence? Or will they just walk off and make due with nothing?

You better be ready to take in grandma and grandpa sooner then you think. Because this next recession is only going to make this matter come to head sooner then later. The next generation not only wont have the entitlements they paid for, they will have the debt they didn't incure and in the end they will have to do what SSI and Disability didn't do. They will have to take care of that generation or leave them to their own fate.

I have already planned to take care of my family and inlaws. Are you planning for the government to fail us? Because you know they will.