Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Juan Williams Livid Over NPR Sting

Williams said Schiller’s remarks about the Jews dominating the newspaper industry was “outright anti-Semitism,” and labeling Tea Party members “gun-toting” “racists” reveals “their real feelings.” This is how they talk in boardrooms and editorial meetings, explained Williams. “This is how they really feel.”

It's time to defund NPR. We are starting to see how our tax dollars are going towards these leftist media and groups.

Chilling Presentation Paul Ryan’s Using To Push Budget Cuts

While the left-wing and some Democrats are saying, "we aren't broke" the facts say otherwise. Here are some facts the left-wingers wont acknowledge.

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan (chairman of the House Budget Committee) is using to push for budget cuts in Washington. The information, as presented in graphs, will probably upset you.
Here are a few slides from the presentation, “The Choice of Two Futures:”

See the rest at Business Insider. You wont believe what the Democratic Party wants to do to this country if we let them. We must make cuts now. We will have to pay for this debt and making our children do it isn't right or moral. But that is what the Democratic Party wants to do. I remember how the left-wing and Democratic Party blasted Bush when our debt was under $200 billion. It was that debt that made most Americans vote for the other Party. When Obama was saying "Hope and Change" most Americans thought that he was talking about lowering the debt not making it go through the roof to pay off the Democratic Party constituents.

Since the Democratic Parties idea of "Change" was much higher debt and more spending the American voter fired Democrats like never before. I don't care how much the Democratic Party and their thugs protest and threaten us. We must make cuts now or it will get much worse. It wont be easy and the left-wing and unions aren't going to make it easy. But this ship is sinking and the Democratic Party and unions are putting more holes in the ship. It may be time to throw them overboard before they sink the ship.

‘I’ll Break Your God**mned Neck’: Another Union Protester Theatens Tea Partier In OH Protest

The Tea Party group Truth About Bills has put out a video purportedly showing a union protester in Columbus, OH threatening to break a group member’s “God**mned neck”:
[WARNING: Contains graphic language]
Look at the Teamsters union logo on his jacket:
Andrew Staroska, COO of Truth About Bills, was the person threatened in the video.  While the Tea Partier was “walking around just viewing the union members protest to the Gov. State of the State Address,” he says he was confronted by the man in the video.
“I said nothing to the man and he approached and threatened me.”

I'm sure the left-wing will make up excuses for this union thug. Just like they made up things about Tea Party violence that never happened. It seems to be the liberal MO.

If you plan on going to one of these protest please be careful. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch. And from what I've seen coming out of these protests is a lot of rotten apples. These protests are nothing like the always peaceful and family friendly Tea Party rallies. The few times there was violence at the Tea Party rallies it was SEIU union thugs or liberal beating up or threatening the Tea Partiers.

If you are a teacher or a public union supporter be careful. These protesters are looking for a fight and you may not want to be anywhere near that. Just remember to leave the children out of this. Don't withhold the children's education to protest. Our children are not weapons. We must do what is right for the children and not showing up to work doesn't help the children. And making threats of sub par education if they don't get their way is not a threat, it's reality. The truth is our educational system is atrocious at best. For decades we have been giving the Teachers union what they want with the promise of a better education for our children. It hasn't worked, so we must try something new. 

We must be able to fire the bad teachers. With the unions we can't. The children suffer because of that and so do the rest of the teachers. Great teachers deserve great pay and bad teachers must be fired. Because of unions we can't fire the the worse of the worse.

Any conservatives going to the anti-government protests also need to be careful. These ant-government protesters can't handle the verbal jabs like they gave the Tea Party. They can dish it out but they sure can't take it. This is a different culture all together. Unions have used thug and threats of violence since the beginning. These unionist crack like a pit bull at a dog fight. When they threaten you call the police. Get it on video and post it on youtube. Your best weapon against these people is the video camera. They respect the camera even though they don't respect your rights and the law.

Conservatives need to pray for these people. They are feeling the pain we have felt for years now. They are taking cuts like we have. Just because they act like children doesn't change the fact that they have to give up something so our state can survive.

 Pray for them, they need it. Pray for their and our safety. Pray that they realize that we the tax payers can't afford them any more. Pray that our teachers see that the children come first.