Friday, January 28, 2011

Where Does Obama Stand On Egypt?

It has become painfully clear that the Obama administration is inept on foreign affairs. I wondering where the Obama administration stand on the uprising in Egypt? Are they still standing with the terrorist group Hezbollah or has something changed? Maybe if he bowed to them or badmouths American foreign policy some more it will all go away? I'm still trying to figure out what Obama's foreign policy is? If you ask me he has just adopted the Bush foreign policies and added some weak groveling and submissions of American greatness. It seems that the Obama plan isn't working so well if you just look at the state of the world today. Since we don't have a clear idea of where the President stands on Egypt I'd like to know what you think he should do and where he should stand on this unraveling friend of ours? How would a strong leader act under this defining moment? Just remember what G.W.Bush's foreign policy did to his approval rating.