Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Open Debate On The Afghanistan War

It seems like the wars aren't being fought very well. Obama has lost control of both wars and it doesn't look like he is very engaged in the wars. Our military has been weakened over the past few months. This incident is just a symptom of a greater problem. Obama gave a time line and didn't give all the troops he was asked to. It took Obama forever to even acknowledge Gen McChrystals request to keep fighting the war in Afghanistan. Now the left will point their fingers at everyone but the Commander in Chief and say it is everyones fault but President Obama's. The economy is out of control,the Gulf oil spill is getting worse not better,the housing market crashed 33% last quarter,jobs are being lost and businesses are going under in near record numbers. But the die hard Democrats think the Democrats are doing a good job. And the thought that Joe "Buffoon" Biden is second in command doesn't make me feel any safer. I'd like to know what you think about the way the Democrats are running this war and country. What effect will the decision to fire McChrystal for General Patreaus? And do any of you remember the name the Democrats gave to Gen Patreaus when he worked for Bush? How do you think our enemy views this? Are we stronger or weaker under Obama and the Democrats in Congress?

More Proof That Obama Is Using Our Border Security As A Political Tool

It looks like Obama was lieing about using our border to trade for amnisty for the illegals in our country. But I'm sure the left will make up something up on why Obama lied and tried to make Sen.Kyl look bad for telling the truth.

So, who do you think has been telling the truth?
Candidate Obama, back in 2004, and Sen. Kyl and Sen. McCain?
Or President Obama in the last few weeks?
I think it is safe to say now who’s been telling the truth and who is the liar. Now the question is can we ever believe anything the president says since he has been cought in so many lies? Ask yourself what kind of man would do this. And is this the kind of many we want running our country?