Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Obama Is Siding With Republicans Now???

It looks like Obama is siding with the Republicans keeping the Bush tax cuts for all. The liberals are fighting mad that Obama is meeting the Republican half way in this lame duck session. If the Democrats in Congress fight this tax break for all tax payers it will be the best thing for the Republican Party. The Democratic Party will get tagged as being the ones that hurt us all. Including hurting our economy. This is great for the Republican Party as a whole, but it is terrible for we the people. But this is what we should all be worried about. Do you remember when they called us violent and dangerous among other things? That was just the left thinking we would do what they would do if they were that pissed off. The problem is we Conservatives are nothing like the liberals. That same warning is going to go out about the liberals that aren't getting their way. The difference between us and them is they will complain about us calling them violent and dangerous like we did but they will become violent and dangerous when we didn't. And it wont be a few idiot liberals that throw rocks and destroy property. It will be a mass a liberals acting like 2 year old that didn't get what they wanted. Liberals and anarchist will be arm in arm with Democrats. The left will start out nonviolent by making calls to Congress and organizing. We all know the liberal machine talks about peace and love but in the end they can't help but to hurt others and destroy others property. If I'm wrong then you can make fun of me like we make fun of the liberals.