Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Want, I Want One Nation Under ???

All that I heard at this One Nation rally is "I want" or "We want" this or that. What are they going to do other then TAKE? This was nothing more then a rally of narcissistic people and special interest groups that WANT. Every speaker at the One Nation rally talked about what they want and what they wanted to take. They are a powerless weak group that needs the government to take care of them. This is America. If you want something then go earn it. Stop taking from those that have earned their money and worked for their money and go out and get what you want with the sweat of your own brow.

One Nation Made a Mess Of the National Mall.Unlike The Conservatives

Why didn't you liberals pick up your own crape? It seems to be what you people are all about. Make a mess and let someone else clean it up. If this is the group that wants to take our government over then watch out. Just by looking at the lack of respect of our nations capitol speaks volumes. The speakers all blamed someone else for their short comings and they all wanted something without paying for it. And they think they can run a country???? Give me a break. I wouldn't let animals like that run a shit farm let alone my country. I hear there were numerous arrests made by the police. I remind you that the Restoring Honor and all the Tea Party rallies have had not one arrest at them,other then from opposition. When they clean up after themselves first then maybe we will let them move up. But not until they learn to respect like the Tea Party conservatives will I respect them.