Thursday, May 13, 2010

Communist China Loves Communist ObaMao #1 Selling Communist T-shirt In China

Rejoice comrades! Our Dear Leader has been immortalized in China in the form of ObaMao shirts. If the ungrateful American public rejects Obama's progressive policies, perhaps he should move his family to China where he is appreciated. You do have to love the honesty of the communist in China. Not since Mao has a leader been so admired by the communist. I'm sure that a communist knows what a communist is even though the Democratic Party says that they are not communist. I call it commi-dar. It's like gay-dar but with communist instead.
I can't wait for them to start selling them here. A smart capitalist would buy a bunch of these shirts and sell them at the next immigration reform riot. Who knows ObaMao might out sell the Che' shirts we see at every left wing rally. Oops, I mean riot. Communist and Socialist around the world are the biggest cheerleaders of whart ObaMao is doing to America. My question is if the Communists,Socialist and anarchist like what the Democratic Party is doing why do you? Why are you standing with these enemies of America my left wing friends?

Criminals Love Obama And The Democratic Party

OBAMA has become the shirt of choice among criminals. It is common knowledge that our jails and prisons are full of liberals. But now they are coming in with the shirts to make it easier to identify them.  If you want to do something fun go to the court house or jail and count Obama stickers on the cars.
Then see if you can find one car with a McCain sticker. It's no wonder why the Democratic Party is pushing for convicts to vote. Who can blame these people for stealing? They only took from the "rich" and that is what the Democratic Party does, isn't it? All these criminals are doing is cutting out the middle man, Uncle Sam. There are thousands of pictures like these on the net and a few of conservatives. The left will point out the few conservatives and call it equal but we all know what equal looks like. I'd like to know why the liberals think that this anomaly is happening? When was the last time you saw a mug shot of a person wearing a Bush,Reagan or Ford shirt? Let me know when you find one would ya?

Timeline Proves Democrat And Government Caused Housing Crisis

Featured Video: Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown

It's hard to blame anyone but these Democrats for the housing crisis and this recession. Why are the Democrats blaming everyone but themselves for this?