Saturday, October 23, 2010

Candidate Says 'Violent Uprising' Is 'On the Table'


Republican congressional candidate Stephen Broden stunned his party Thursday, saying he would not rule out violent overthrow of the government if elections did not produce a change in leadership. I know during the Bush years many on the left thought this. Now that the shoe is on the other foot what do you think? Will violence come to our country like it has in the EU? Will it be the left or the right that becomes violent after the election? If you want to know the answer then you should work the polls Nov.2. You will get a feel for the anger people are feeling and who they blame the most. This is the final surge to topple the Progressives in both parties. Do what you can to help these candidates win. You will regret doing nothing. Get out and pound on some doors for the conservative candidate. Call up their headquarters and ask them how you can help. And when you look back on this point in history you can say that you were a part of it. Have fun and get people out to vote. We must crush the Progressives at every level of government.