Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama Proves To Be Left Of Reid

 Obama staked out extreme left ground during his prime time address to the nation...calling for higher taxes when even Harry Reid's latest proposal includes no new taxes, only spending cuts. This puts Obama to the left of Harry Reid, one of America's most liberal Senators. Since Obama has taken office he has gone after small business like they are an enemy of the state. Most of us work for small business and we know that these small businesses are what will grow this country out of this massive recession. We also know that raising taxes now will only make this recession and jobs creation unlikely at best. We also know that Congress has had a bipartisan agreement on raising the debt ceiling. Obama has made his point clear that he hates small business and the private sector. He will stop at nothing to do harm to this economic powerhouse.
Taking money out of the private sector hasn't done anything to recover our economy. Growing our debt will only make things worse in the future and he knows it. So why is Obama hell bent on shrinking our economy even more?
Obama has already told us who he would screw if Congress doesn't pass a bill before Aug.2. His promise to not pay Social Security and our military is what he will do if he doesn't get what he wants. So in other words, if we do raise taxes on the private sector small businesses we are screwed. If Congress doesn't pass a bill before Aug.2 he will screw the little people. When are we going to wake up to the fact that Obama is trying to put us in a lose lose situation? It's time to push Obama on his choice to destroy small businesses and the little people by passing the bipartisan bill. Let him pull the trigger and live will the consequences. It's time to play hardball with this economic idiot and call his bluff.