Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. This is a good time to talk about things we can do to make earth a better place. Try making a garden. It doesn't have to be big. Even an apple tree or cherry trees are a good way to keep the food close to you. I just planted my greens,radish,onion and potato. I transplanted both my raspberry and strawberry's. Just have fun with the garden. You will love the end product. Go to the farmers market and buy local produce. Mulch your leaves in the garden or grass. And if you want buy some land and let it stay wild. Or go out and buy a gun, a hunting and fishing license. There are taxes on those items that go towards buying property for the wild plants and animals. In fact it is those hunters and fishermen and women that gave us most of the property we have now to enjoy. These properties are managed for for harvest and non-harvest animals. Even if you do not hunt buy a license as it is going to a good cause. And don't forget to thank the people that are doing more for the environment then any other group.  Thank a hunter or a fishermen for it is they that are funding the American stewardship. And don't be fooled by cutting CO2 taxing. A Cap and Tax would do little for our air quality. It would hurt our economy and it would push us into a deeper recession. How would that help the planet? Forget Cap and Trade and buy a gun. Don't forget to buy ammo as that also has a heavy tax that will buy up more land for our wilds to stay wild. And don't forget to thank God for this beautiful planet to live on. And maybe we need to also remember to take care of what God gave us and that He is the one in finale charge over Earth.