Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama Is Still Bowing

Obama Bows To Emperor of Japan & Other Goofy Moments 
Obama Bows To Emperor of Japan   First off I wouldn't mind the bow if he had done it right. I don't know who told Obama to bow to the Emporer of Japan but it was a dumb thing to do. It wasn't done right so Obama looked bad to the Japanese, most Americans and the world. As a person that studied Japanese culture and lived it he looked stupid doing it. The first thing I learned when I went to Japan was how to bow. It needed to be done right or it would be worse then not bowing at all. Musashi would have said he gave the reccessive bow. When I first heard about the bow I thought it wasn't a big deal. But when I saw the bow I laught at what a dumb Biden like gaff it was. But in reality the world is laughing at us because of this stupid little thing. But in all reality I wish this was all we needed to worry about with Obama. This story isn't a big deal compared to all the other things that are going on right now. I just wanted to give my perspective. I know we have some Japanese citizens reading this blog so feel free to post your opinions. Feel free to post it in Japanese if you would like.

These Are The Two Things Democrats Are Using To Fundamentally Change America

Cloward Piven Strategy
Cloward-Piven Strategy

Did Obama Destroy Chrysler?

Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama Destroying Chrysler
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama Destroying Chrysler Living in the Detroit area I have a lot of friends that work for the big three. I talked to a good friend of mine that works for Chrysler and he told me that they are doing worse then the media thinks. He has changed his views on Obama and the Democrats and what they have done to Chrysler. The unions were saved but Chrysler are gearing up for some big changes and it will not be good for the members of the union that work for Chrysler. All Obama and Congress did was to put a bandage on a broken leg. What will Obama and Congress do next? Give that failed company more of our money to bail them out some more? I think this is what they will do and let the next guy deal with the fallout of their mistakes. They will find a way to blame the Republicans or the Italians. But one thing is for sure, they will never ever say it was their mistakes that cost us billions of $. The Tea Parties have been saying that the bailouts and tarp are wrong and they wont work for the long term. I pray I am wrong but I think we have harder time to come here in Michigan. We have been in a one state reccession for over 6 yrs now. We have also been one of the most liberal run states in the union. It's time for conservatives to take back out cities,state and country back before every state looks like Michigan. I don't care if it is a conservative Democrat or a conservative Republican. We just need to give conservative rule a chance in this state again. When conservative ran this state we were one of the richest states in the nation. Most of Michigans jobs didn't go overseas they went to conservative states like TX.

Is Obama Distorying America As We Know It

Sean Hannity interviews Rush Limbaugh Part 1a

Sean Hannity interviews Rush Limbaugh  He really hits the nail on the head on why Obama thinks this country was an evil country and now he and Michelle are finally proud of it. I myself don't listen to Rush but from what I see he sound right on.

Time to Be Heard

Time to Be Heard   Click on this and watch what many in the black community think of the Democrats.