Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Are The Democrats Distancing Themselves From Their Own Agenda?

If all the disastrous bills these Democrats pushed down our throats was so good for we the people then why are they running on them? They told us they would make thing better but instead they have made them much worse thanks to their actions. The Democratic Party has been in control of both the house and the senate for almost 4 years now. Since we have had the Democrats as a majority and a Democratic president this country has gone to hell. I'm not saying it's all the Democrats fault. The Republicans weren't anything to write your Mom about either. But when it comes to failing the American people the Democrats have won that one hands down. As long as the Democratic Party bows to the Progressives it will fail like the Progressive policies have. It's high time both parties root out the Progressives. But until then I'm all for the Republican Party and the Democratic Party can go to hell for all I care.

Iowa Democratic governor Chet Culver asks voters for a second chance after “honest mistakes”:

And Congressman Glenn Nye of Virginia touts the fact that he “stood up” to his party’s leaders:

All the far-as-the-east-is-from-the-west distancing comes from the frustration of the American people. Almost any poll one looks at shows that voters are upset with President Obama and think the country and economy are on the wrong track. Even more upsetting to voters may be the president’s comments that such a distancing could be just for political reasons, instead of a gravitation toward recognizing genuine concerns.
Suzanne Kosmas, a Congressional candidate in Florida, tries to echo the country’s, and her constituents’, frustration:

But lacking in all the talk of dumping the Democratic agenda is why it is so surprising that current and potential leaders would adopt the sentiments of their constituents, instead of adhere to party lines with fervor. Politicians, after all, are elected to enact the will of the people.
The fact that such a concept is so foreign could mean a shake up in November.
Another popular Democrat distancing himself from Obama and his party is Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. A quick visit to his website highlights the trend. The two most prominent headlines are “Feingold is more loyal to Wisconsin than to presidents” and “Feingold will be in Senate when Obama is in Madison.” Both brag that Feingold stayed in Washington while Obama touted his economic agenda in Wisconsin.
In fact, the first article goes as far as to call Feingold a “maverick,” the title popularized by Republican John McCain during the 2008 presidential campaign.
True to form, he touts his vote against the controversial bank bailouts:

Should We Run In Fear Of Islam Like The Left And They Want?


(AP) — Two protesters died and four were injured as Afghans protested for a third day Sunday against a plan by an American pastor to burn copies of the Islamic holy book, despite his decision to call off the action.
Mohammad Rahim Amin, chief of the Baraki Barak district in eastern Logar province, said the deaths and injuries occurred when Afghan soldiers opened fire on hundreds of protesters who were trying to storm the local government headquarters.
During recent protests against the Quran burning, Afghans have regularly targeted the pro-Western government.
Terry Jones, pastor of a small Florida church, said Saturday that “we feel that God is telling us to stop” the Quran burning, which was to coincide with the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States.
The plan to burn the Quran stirred outrage among millions of Muslims and others worldwide.
The protesters in Logar chanted “Death to America” and burned tires, attacked several shops and set election campaign posters on fire, Amin said.
“I can say for sure that this was the work of the enemies of peace and stability in Afghanistan who are trying to use any opportunity to disrupt the security situation” in the country, Amin said.
In a country where most people have limited access to newspapers, television and the Internet, many Afghans seemed unaware of Jones’ decision to call off the Quran burning.
Meanwhile, a Taliban commander who planned rocket attacks on polling stations during elections next week and four other insurgents were killed in eastern Afghanistan, NATO said Sunday.
The military alliance said NATO and Afghan forces killed the five insurgents Saturday night in a village compound in the eastern Nangarhar province. The insurgents were killed after they “displayed hostile intent” as the forces moved in on the compound, it said in a statement.
It said intelligence reports indicated the Taliban commander was planning to conduct rocket attacks on voting centers during the Sept. 18 parliamentary elections. The Taliban has vowed to target polling stations and warned Afghans not to participate in what it called a sham vote.
The government and its Western allies hope the elections for the lower house of parliament will help consolidate the country’s fragile democracy, leading to the withdrawal of the roughly 140,000 NATO-led foreign troops in the country. But many Afghans and foreign observers fear the vote could turn bloody if the Taliban carries out its threats.
“The Afghan people deserve to cast their votes without fear of attacks from the insurgent groups,” U.S. Army Col. Rafael Torres said in the NATO statement. “We are tracking them and taking action before they’re able to carry out their plans.”
NATO said the killed Taliban commander had participated in “intimidation campaigns and assassinations” and was directly linked to a February suicide bomb attack that killed Haji Zaman, a well-known tribal elder and warlord in eastern Afghanistan.
At this point the man is unidentified.  But his motives are clear.
“If they can burn American flags, I can burn the Koran,” shouted the unidentified man. “America should never be afraid to give their opinion.”
The man was led away by police but did not appear to be arrested.

Islam has control over Americans and our freedoms. Are you willing to let a religion like Islam have control over our rights as Americans? I know the left are willing to give it all away to them while the left call Christians the Taliban. I'm getting sick and tired of the left wing and the Muslims having two separate rules,one for us and one for them. They want to stop freedom of speech when it comes to burning the Quaran and in the same breath they want to have the freedom to burn the Bible and the American flag. I tell you one thing I think it's incredible how we give up our freedoms for fear of the left wing fundamentalist and Islamic fundamentalist retribution. Not to mention that Islam and the left wing are an unholy alliance. If the Muslims have their way with this country they would behead all the liberals like they do in Muslim run countries. Liberals want to go against the laws of all three religions,Christian,Jewish and Islam. But we all know that the left are using the Muslims to get what they want and that is the destruction of America as we know it. "The friend of my friend is my enemy".

MI Child Care Workers Sue to Break From Union

(AP) — Peggy Mashke tends to 12 children for 12 hours a day at her home, so she was surprised to get a letter welcoming her to the United Auto Workers union.
“I thought it was a joke,” said Mashke, 50, of northern Michigan’s Ogemaw County. “I work out of my home. I’m not an auto worker. How can I become a member of the UAW? I didn’t get it.”
Willing or not, Mashke and 40,000 other at-home providers are members of a labor partnership that represents people across Michigan who watch children from low-income families. Two unions receive 1.15 percent of the state subsidies granted to those providers, or more than $1 million a year.
Mashke has given up about $100 this year, and while she says it’s not a huge amount of money, she’s among a small group of home-based providers suing in federal court to break free from organized labor.
“It’s the principle. It’s my constitutional rights,” she said.
The plaintiffs claim they were driven into the union and forced to support it financially even though they work at home, are hired by families and are not state employees. In some cases, they are even related to the children in their care.
In 2006, the UAW and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, or AFSCME, were formally approved as partners in a union called Child Care Providers Together Michigan. Only 15 percent of the providers cast ballots, but 92 percent were in favor.
The lawsuit, filed by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, claims that Gov. Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat, and her administration cleared the way for the union in exchange for valuable political support from the UAW and AFSCME.
Michigan is one of at least 16 states where unions are mandatory representatives of personal-care workers, according to National Right to Work.
The state and the unions have defended the arrangement as the legal result of a process that was blessed by the Michigan Employment Relations Commission. They say there is no role for a federal judge to second-guess what has occurred.
Union attorney John West acknowledged it’s a “novel approach” to bring home-based workers under the labor umbrella.
“This is really a pretty important issue,” West said at a July 13 court hearing. “We have a problem that’s been festering for a long time in a lot of states where you have a large group of generally poorly paid, often not-very-well-trained employees.
“To try and resolve this issue and improve the situation, unions in a number of states have put a lot of effort into trying to organize these people, successfully in many instances,” he said.
On its website, The UAW says the partnership “gives a much-needed voice and power” to child care providers who have problems dealing with the state’s bureaucracy.
“They might not get their check from the state. You wouldn’t believe how much that happens,” a UAW vice president, Cindy Estrada, told The Associated Press. “Or they don’t know they can get an increase in their subsidy if they get more training. … You wouldn’t believe how much an extra 10 dollars a day can help.”
And there are providers who say the union has been helpful. Elizabeth Hall, 61, who looks after three children at her home in suburban Detroit, said she was having trouble getting paid by the state but the UAW “cut a lot of corners and got right to the source. I was very elated.”
“The UAW is very resourceful,” Hall said. “If there‘s anything you’re not aware of, they bring the information to us.”
Robert Jonker, a federal judge in Grand Rapids, Mich., has ruled that the seven-month-old lawsuit can proceed, at least in the early stages. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Midland-based think tank that promotes free market capitalism, is suing in state court to stop the union on other grounds.
Mackinac Center lawyer Patrick Wright called it an “underhanded scheme.”
“It’s an interesting issue,” said Gary Chaison, professor of industrial relations at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.
“The idea is for unions like the UAW and AFSCME to have a fertile and expanding area to organize to offset the membership losses because of plant closings — in the case of the UAW — or state and city downsizing in the case of AFSCME,” he said.

Trump Destroys Mosque-Loving 'Morning Joe' Panel

The left only have their silly little political games were they try and spin everything. The problem is that is all the left have and it ain't working any more just like their liberal policies don't work. 


Beck Predicts 'Third Great Awakening'


What do you think? Will we wake up here in America or will we fold to the pressure from the left?