Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Man-made Global Warming Hoax

The Man-made Global Warming Hoax (Part 1)

Although Al Gore and his media cronies endlessly bleat that "global warming" is an unprecedented global crisis, they really think of it as a dream come true. Why? Because "global warming" is the ideal scare campaign for leftist demagogues like Gore who are doing all they can to secure strict control over the economy and the minutest details of individual life. But now, in The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax tears the cover off the Left's manipulation of environmental issues for political purposes, and lays out incontrovertible evidence for the fact that global warming is just more Chicken-Little hysteria, not actual science. If you global warming religious fanatics want to do something then pay for it youself. Why should we pay for your false religion?


Global Warming Summit Cancelled Due To An Act Of God

Blizzards pound Mid-Atlantic to NY

It's cold because it's warm...
Department of Commerce news release announcing the new “climate service" actually said the following, "More and more Americans are witnessing the impacts of climate change in their own backyards..."  Can you believe these global warming fanatics? They want us to believe everything that happens is global warmings fault. As more and more evidence piles up of the massive hoax/scam that many at the top have pulled they want us to keep believing them. I don't know who is dumber the person selling this global warming or the people that are buying it. That like someone saying that Toyotas are the best and safest cars in the world right after one of the largest recalls in history. The next time you hear global warming come out of someones mouth just laugh right in their face. That should shut them up for a change. Oh, and for all of you global warming glass lickers God is in charge of the temperature more then we are. And we are all laughing at the way God has put you global warming fanatics in your place this year. Only all these acts of God,not acts of man, could do this in every city you have been in with you summits.

Obama and the Democrats Fiddle While America Burns

DF-31 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Yeh I know Bush did it. He did the debt and Obama just made it bigger. Whatever! While the left are playing political games about the Tea Party,Sarah Palin and all the other BS China is making a threat to destable our economy if we don't get out of Taiwan our friend. Thanks to Bush,Obama and the Democrats in Congress we are being held hostage by the debt holders. If China sells our debt we will be in the greatest depression. But Gibbs is playing funny with his Sarah Palin jokes. Obama keeps playing the Washington politial games of blame. And the media is trying to find ways to get Sarah Palin and the Tea Parties. These idiots in Washington better start taking this stuff serious. The reccession isn't ending and they want to add almost $2 trillion more in debt. All this and the left keep proping up their Party. While the Progressives are defining us in the Tea Party as racist,dumb,hatemongers. We are the only ones that can define who we are. We are Democrats,Republicans,Libertarians and Independents. One thing we all in the TEA Party agree with is that we need to be fiscally responsable,smaller government and we believe in the Constitution. The only people that don't agree with those three things are Progressives. We need to find fiscally conservative people to run and win. We need to get rid of everyone in Washington that is calling for a raise in the national debt to China. Get involed or we will have China breathing heavier down our backs and calling the shots in American policy. And thanks to Bush,Obama and Congress they gave away America. It's time to stop fiddling and start doing something that has worked instead of doing things that have never worked other then in  a Progressives warped  minds.