Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Elderberry Picking Season In Michigan

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clipartI know who cares about elderberries? Well when you are sick in the middle of winter you will wish you had some. I know a lot about plants in Michigan and around the world. I know about their medicinal values and when and how to collect them. So feel fee to ask me anything about this at any time or on any post. I picked elderberries and now I am slow drying them. They should be ready in a few more days. I let them slow dry so they grow some of the yeasts that are good for your stomach. When you get sick just pull the dried berries out and eat a handful every couple of hours till you feel better. You can make a wine,syrup or put the fresh berries in vodka to drink when you feel sick. I like the vodka cure for obvious reasons. I have a 25 year old frankincense bonsai tree that I use some of the sap to fight off viruses in combination with the elderberries. You can find the elderberry bushes on the sides of rural roads. I know I've seen many on I-75 going up to northern Michigan. The berries are dark black and the leaves are a string of 5 leaves on one leaf. Do yourself a favor this year and pick some elderberries. Or do what I do and buy some bushes for your yard. The birds love them and I love the wildlife in my yard. Have fun looking for the berries. But once you've found them you will find them there every year. Good hunting.