Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Waiting For Superman: Why Does Our Education Suck In America

If you value the future of this country then you value education. It's a shame that the Democratic Party has put the power of the many teachers unions above our future. But it is evident that the Democratic Party only cares about the unions and the backing of those unions. If you care about our children and the future of this once great nation then it is up to you to not vote for the party that puts our children's future below the unions. I'm not saying that the Republican Party has all the right answers but at least they don't put the teachers unions about the students. It's time we introduce a private option when it comes to education. If we don't do something soon then how can we expect those children to pay off our debt? Let's give our children a leg up in the world instead of holding them back. What do you think we should do to fix education?

Is Sarah Palin Going To Run In 2012?

Sarah Palin’s keynote speech at the Reagan Dinner in Iowa has set off the left and the MSM as to weather she will be running against President Obama in 2012. It sure does look like she is going to run, but who isn't? I would like to see what kind of interest Palin will bring to the conservative movement. All I know is that she sets off the left like no one else. But the left tend to not hold back when it comes to attacking conservative women. I'm sure the Democrats will over step their 'politically correct" bounds when dealing with her and that will put a bad taste in the mouth of most women voters. We will see what the Democratic Party really thinks of women if she chooses to run in 2012. All you women are you ready to watch what kind of hell the Democratic Party will unleash on this poor women? Just remember what the Democratic Party did to Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin the last election. Let's see how low they will go in their sexist treatment of these women again in 2012. I wish them both luck and Gods speed in their indevor. She will make things interesting win or loose.