Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Arms,No Legs,No Worries

I want you to think what kind of ideology made this man so great. Do you think he was told he couldn't do something because of what he looked liked? Do you think he let someone else do for him or did he do for himself? We are all individuals and we need to look at people as individuals not groups. He is not handicap in my eyes and that is great. How many people give up because of where they were born or what sex they are or because of the color of their skin? Who is feeding that kind of mentality to these individuals? Could it be that we are making people handicap when they aren't just by giving them the "poor you" handouts?  We have to stop telling people they can and start pushing people to succeed or fail trying. How many times do we make excuses for our kids? They have ADHD or they had sugar or whatever the obstacle may be we can make it worse or better. I'm sure this man seen some tough love in his life. And that is why he is the way he is. Reflect on this man and what he has done. And then remember him the next time you "poor you" to a person with an infliction. Look in the mirror and see that you can do so much more if you just stop holding yourself back. God blessed this man with what we call an infliction.

I Told You They Would Go Nuts: Pelosi On Ground Zero Mosque

Are you kidding me Pelosi? As more things come to light we are seeing how bat shit nuts these liberals are becoming. Has this women no shame? 70% of Americans disagree with the building of this Mosque so close to ground zero and yet Pelosi thinks the opposition to this Mosque being built there needs to be investigated? This statement better be clarified and Pelosi needs to say sorry for offending the families of those NY and the 70% of Americans she offended. But I'm sure the Main Stream Media will be on her side on this issue. But we are seeing into the heart of what the Democratic Party and Progressives have become. They are heartless and insensitive to anything outside their own wants.  We need to purge our government of all leaders like this POS Pelosi and Barack H. Obama whether they are Democrats or Republicans. We need to find representatives that reflect our image of America not theirs. We need to find representatives that represent our needs not theirs. If you are a liberals do you agree with Pelosi and why?

WATCH: MSM Unleashes Disgusting Smears Against Mosque Opponents


And they wonder why no one watches them. They will never talk about the Church at ground zero not making headway on being rebuilt do too government bureaucracy. Why would they do that,it disproves their theory. Keith Olbortmann is pushing the "Islamophobia" thing right now. Is it a phobia to be afraid of lightning in a thunderstorm on a golf course? Is it a phobia to be afraid of bears on Yellowstone park? That doesn't mean you will get eaten by all bears or hit by every strike of lightning. But that will be their response. We have good reason to be afraid of some Muslims since all the terrorist have been Muslim. For those slow liberals, I didn't say all Muslims are dangerous but we should know what they could be capable of doing. But what reason do they have for their Christian phobia?  Are they just projecting their fear of Christianity on us?    I'd like to see Keith Albertmenn and Racheal Madcow go to a Muslim nation and announce they are gay and then hand out their gay rights tracts and tell me it's just a phobia. There is a reason why people fear Islam. It's a rational fear as we are finding out more on who this Imam is that is putting up this mosque. And unlike the left we still remember the Muslims dancing in the streets all around the world on 9/11.

JetBlue Job-Quitter Inspires Obama Attack Video: Is This an Effective Ad?


From Mediaite: Who needs SNL. The RNC, always a reliable source of distracting content online, has just posted this little gem inspired by the world’s favorite job-quitter Steven Slater. This particular ad depicts the rush of Democrats up for election this November off Air Force One to get away from the poll sinker that is President Obama. You guessed it, they use an inflatable slide. Is this a good ad? And if Obama and the Democrats did as a great a job like they keep telling us they've done then why is it no one want to be called a Democrat or have Obama campaigns for them? I think we might be missing the bigger point on why Democrats don't want Obama to campaign for them. The Democrats are RACIST. It can't be because of his failed policy. It's can't be because of the failing of Progressives ideology now can it? It's got to be the inherit racism within the Democratic Party. Now I hope you all know I'm kidding about that. But in reality will the Progressives blame race rather then their failed Progressive ideology? You know they will. The Progressives will do a name change,again. And as a smaller fringe they will blame whites, Christians and Jews like the bigots they have always been. Never once seeing their own flaws, but choosing to blame everyone and everything rather then blaming themselves. Just look at how they blame us because the Church at ground zero isn't built but the Mosque got cart blanch care from the government in NYC. Where is the the first amendment now? I bring these things up because liberalism is becoming a mental disease. And because it's a disease it has symptoms. We will see more and more violence from the left as we start baring down on their failed ideology and force them to see what really is instead of the fringe BS they have been feeding the world. Just like a drug addict at and intervention they will get angry and violent. Some will seek help and others will just go down farther into the rabbit hole. On another note are you ready for Isreal to protect themselves from Iran? Who wants to bet that the left will blame Israel for protecting itself from Iran?

Open Thread On Fixing America The Right Way

Here are a few of the concrete ideas for change:
  • Cap Federal Spending - It is important for Conservatives to come up with a plan to stop the overspending in Washington, D.C. that has lead to a $13.3 trillion national debt.  “Place a firm cap on overall federal spending, and limit future year-to-year growth to inflation plus population growth. Federal spending is on an unsustainable trajectory because we lack a mechanism that forces Congress to live within agreed upon spending limits. A binding cap will force lawmakers to make the tough decisions required to get us back to fiscal sanity.”  There are other great ideas in cutting federal spending and your ideas would be much appreciated.
  • Put Entitlement Programs Under the Budget - According to The Heritage Foundation, “the middle class retirement programs, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, will cause federal spending to jump by half, from the historical average of twenty percent of the economy to thirty percent by 2033. This tsunami of spending is a major threat to limited government because it runs on auto-pilot with automatic increases locked in by each program’s governing laws. While other programs are constrained through annual budgets, entitlements get the first call on resources.”  Solutions for America urges policy makers to consider “requir(ing) the Big Three entitlement programs— Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—to live within firm, congressionally approved budgets.  If Congress is ever to control spending, it must end the era of open-ended entitlements. Currently, Big Three spending is on autopilot—increasing automatically year after year. Entitlement spending must be brought into the congressional budgetary process. Lawmakers should establish a five-year budget for these programs and include protective mechanisms, such as triggers, that will automatically keep spending within the congressionally approved limits.”  Do Red Staters have any other ideas on how to reform entitlement programs?
  • Revive Federalism- ObamaCare imposes a federal mandate that all Americans in the 50 states buy health insurance.  This is a clear violation of the idea of federalism.  Solutions for America argues that “the federal government has usurped the states’ traditional role in areas such as transportation, education, health (especially Medicaid), homeland security, and law enforcement. Washington must cede vast swatches of its policymaking authority—and the funding that goes with it—to states willing to reassume leadership in these areas.”  Congress needs to consider ideas that will restore the traditional role of the states.
  • Loan Welfare Money to Able Bodied Recipients - As Robert Rector and Chuck Donovan have written for The Heritage Foundation that Congress needs to take another run at Welfare Reform.  “Why not treat a portion of welfare assistance to able-bodied adults as a loan to be repaid, rather than as a free gift from the taxpayers? Such a policy change would reduce the moral hazard associated with dependency, while providing temporary help to those in need.  Clearly, welfare as we knew it did not end, as so many of us had hoped 14 years ago (the 1996 Welfare Reform Law).  Adjusting for inflation, total welfare spending is nearly twice what it was before 1996.”  Solutions for America argues to “limit the unsustainable growth of welfare spending, and require recipients to give something back.  Aggregate welfare spending now approaches $1 trillion annually and does more harm than good. Congress must treat all 71 means-tested welfare programs holistically, as a discrete category of federal spending, and cap annual year-to-year welfare spending growth at inflation.  This will force Congress to consider new approaches that could actually help the poor surmount poverty. To this end, Congress should require able-bodied adults to treat a portion of certain welfare benefits as loans to be repaid rather than as an open-ended grant from taxpayers.”  Also, Congress should study how many of those 71 means-tested welfare programs are redundant and eliminate the ones that allow for double dipping.  Seem reasonable?
  • Stop Overpaying Federal Workers- Federal employees are overpaid at a time when the private sector is experiencing great pain.  Solutions for America argues, “pay federal workers wages and benefits comparable to what their counterparts earn in the private sector.  Federal employee compensation is far too generous.  Total compensation—hourly wages plus benefits—is 30–40% above that of comparable private sector workers.  By bringing federal compensation in line with market  rates, Congress would save taxpayers approximately $47 billion a year.”  James Sherk of The Heritage Foundation recommends the following: Abolish the General Schedule and implementing market-based performance pay; Expand the contracting out of non-essential tasks to the private sector;  Reduce the generosity of the benefits the federal government provides; and end restrictions on dismissing underperforming federal employees, thus incentivizing increased productivity.  These seem like some common sense solutions to the problem of federal bureacrats making more than the average American in the private sector.
  • Keep Taxes Low - Do not implement a Value Added Tax, a Carbon Tax, nor the Obama Tax Increases of 2011.  Solutions for America suggests that “tax increases, especially those loaded on small-business owners (our most productive and entrepreneurial individuals), are counterproductive at any time.  To raise taxes during a recession is a recipe for crippling economic growth and job creation. Maintaining the tax burden at its current level is the least Congress should do.”  Red Staters must have other suggested taxes to reduce or abolish.
  • Implement a Pro-Growth Strategy- President Obama’s $862 billion monstrosity of a "Stimulus Plan" has lead to a $1 billion earmark for a special project in Illinois and a program to study the effects of Cocaine on Monkeys.  A real strategy to encourage investment and real job creation would be to reduce government interference in the free market.  Solutions for America argues for policies that ”encourage investment and job creation. Reduce the top tax rate on corporate earnings—currently the second highest among all industrial nations—and let businesses immediately deduct investments in new plant and equipment.  These two changes to the tax code will unleash the most productive investment and create the most private sector jobs. Specifically, lawmakers should align the top rate on corporate earnings to those that prevail in our 30 largest trading partners—approximately 25%.”  This is a target rich environment for pro-growth ideas that retreat from the President’s failed economic policies.
  • Stop Taxing Seniors- Why do seniors have to keep paying taxes as they get older?  The federal government should not maintain policies that essentially force older Americans to retire when they still can work.  Here is another solution for America.  “As part of the broader effort to reform entitlement programs, seniors who wish to work beyond retirement age should be freed from the burden of paying Social Security payroll taxes. Employers willing to retain or hire these older workers also should be exempt from paying the employer share of the FICA tax.”  This would be a stimulus program for older Americans and an idea that makes sense.
  • Peace Through Strength - President Ronald Reagan promoted the idea of maintaining a strong military as a means to protect American citizens.  Solutions for America argues that ”a robust military is the surest way to deter aggression and reinforce U.S. diplomacy. To accomplish this, the Pentagon procurement holiday must end. Congress must refurbish our armed forces, especially our depleted Navy fleet and vital missile defenses.”  Congress needs to make sure that our defense infrastructure stays strong in the face of emerging threats from rogue nations and entities.