Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Palin: Inflation Is Coming

For all of you savers and retirees this inflation coming is going to make your life a heck of a lot harder. We know that the Fed is printing money faster then ever and now we are buying our own debt. There are positive effects to doing this. The positive side is our debts will be a lot easier to pay off. The problem is the money we pay off our debts with will be next to worthless. That might turn our friends that loaned the money too us turn against us. Just think what China will do when we pay our debt off that way. But China is playing their own games with currency values. But what about the retirees and the savers that want to retire sooner or later?  Just look at the futures market. These commodities that we use every day are going through the roof. The government is making this happen on purpose and we need to take a moment and look at our future and who will it effect. If you want to have an idea what our food prices will be in the near future then look at the commodities futures market. If the price of corn keeps going up who is going to pay it in the food lines? When gas futures when up on speculation we paid $4 a gal. Can our retirees afford to eat when they only have so much money for food budget. This is nothing more then a "tax". A cruel tax at that. We are starting to see the effects of a wholey Democratic Party run country. The not so funny thing is that the Democrats are pointing at deflated house values as "proof" that there is no inflation. Thanks Democratic Party for making bad times much worse. What do you think is coming? Do you have a victory garden,store food like grandma used too? I know my grandparents stories of hard times well. They told me what they did to survive when food was hard to come by.