Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jon Stewart Cleverly Dismantles Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, and Ed Schultz

Glynnis MacNicol at Business Insider said it best-- “Jon Stewart Finally Gets Around To Tearing Keith Olbermann To Pieces (And It Was Worth The Wait):”  The left-wing and MSNBC are a bunch of stooges, it's a shame that they and their liberal zombies believe the rhetoric. The left say Beck is the crazy one and Keith and Ed are the rational ones. Don't forget to laugh at a liberal today.

Olbermann was watching:
Schultz has responded via Twitter also:

Pro-Life Group Releases Three More Planned Parenthood Videos

In the new videos, the workers don’t overtly tell the pimp how to run his business — like the New Jersey worker did — but they do discuss questionable practices. Live Action describes what it found in the latest round of videos from the Virginia cities of Falls Church, Roanoke, and Charlottesville:
• Falls Church – Abortions for underage girls from other countries only require a photo ID.
Planned Parenthood staffer: “We don’t necessarily look at the legal status, like I said. Abortion appointments do require photo ID. It’s nothing as far as records. It’s just photo ID that’s ever going to be required.”
• Roanoke – Birth control and STD testing for underage prostitutes is no problem
Planned Parenthood staffer: “From the age of 12 up, for birth control, you can just come in and do that. You don’t have to have a parent, OK?”
Planned Parenthood staffer discussing STD testing: “And the thing is, see this is the thing a lot of people don’t know that. . .Right, through the Health Department.  And so, they’ll uh, they’ll track it. And they’re discreet.  They’re confidential.  They, you know, don’t tell people what’s going on, because – frankly – it’s nobody’s
• Charlottesville – Birth control and testing for STDs and pregnancy for underage girls with no questions asked.
Planned Parenthood staffer: “Anybody here can help you. Everything here is confidential. We can’t give any information out.”

Falls Church:


Readers might notice that the videos are posted on Blip and not YouTube. According to the group, YouTube was threatening to remove at least one of the videos because of “privacy” complaints. The group links here to explain the controversy. It's time we defund the racist and morally corrupt Planned Parenthood. Just think if this was your daughter being enslaved by a pimp and getting help from the government funded Planned Parenthood to boot. Why is it always the liberal groups that want to treat children like garbage? I'm also getting sick of men wanting women to have the right to kill a baby. These men are the same men that pressure a women to get the abortion.