Friday, November 6, 2009

What Was He Thinking Giving A "Shout Out" At This Moment?

Fort Hood Tragedy -- Barack Obama Gives Odd "Shout-Out" Before He Comments on Massacre -- FOX News
Fort Hood Tragedy--Barack Hussein Obama gives an odd "Shout-Out" before talking about the most tragic event like this. I hope he doesn't do something that dumb at the funeral. How insensative can he be?

Is This Creepy???

Kids Obama Song 
Glenn Beck: "School kids sing creepy Obama-worship song" - 9/24/2009

Obama Song Playlist 2008
 It so nice to see our Obama-youth out in full force. Click on each video and tell us what you think. And then change presidents and see what you think when it is a song about Bush or Reagan. This stuff isn't creepy is it? Now there are videos of kids singing against Obama and I think that is creepy too. I know the Democrats are spending those kids money for the stuff they want now. mmm mmm mm Barack Hussein Obama...