Friday, March 2, 2012

Should Republicans Talk About Leaving Afghanistan Before Obama Does?

Things aren't going too well in Afghanistan since the Quran burning. 6 Americans have lost their lives. Obama hasn't made things better with his apology. Now I hear that these men that burned the 4 Qurans might face charges. These men didn't do anything wrong. The terrorists were the ones that defiled those Qurans.

I understand Obama needs the Afghanistan massive lithium deposits for the batteries for his green energy. But this war will take years to stablise this country so we can mine the lithium. Are we willing to spend that kind of time there? I can't see green energy worth it. And it is obvious that the Afghans don't want what we want.

I'm sure Obama will make the case for leaving Afghanistan to energize the left. Maybe the Republicans need to make the case for leaving before Obama does. What do you think?