Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Three Questions For Health Care Reform

Glenn Beck weekdays at 5p & 2a ET on Fox News Channel         So after you watched the video what are the answers to the questions? Why are the Democrats giving up everything they said they wanted to get health care reform passed? Is it for the control over us? Is that the same reason why the Democrats are trying to push a world climate reform? I think all the people that spent the Bush years bitching about the govt taking control of our lives better wake up and smell the coffee. We are in greater debt,still in wars with an escalation in Afghanistan and Iraq is winding down just like Bush planed and the Democrats want to us every bill to pay off their constituents will our money. Instead of taking away the Patriot Act they expanded it. So what has Obama and Congress done for we the people? Are they giving everyone health care? 24 million people will be without health care in this country with this reform bill. There isn't a public option like they promised. It will cost us over $2 trillion and we the people only get scrapes for our money while the govt makes their friends rich.