Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Long Did I Take You To Realize The System Failed?

Latest Ad From KAS: ‘100 HOURS’

CBS: Most Americans Want

How long did it take you to realize the system failed? I think Obama is a little stoopafied with being President. Or maybe he didn't care.  This is the newest ad from Keep America Safe. It ask the question now lets see what the answers are. What do you think of this ad? And should we use tax payer money to pay for this ad to run on TV?

This Is Our Tax Dollars At Work

Since “progressive” and liberal radio hosts have few listeners and can not support a commercial broadcast program, National Public Radio (NPR) steps in to fill in the void for those in need. I’m not sure if NPR paid the author to post this opinion piece, but I don’t think it (NPR’s posting) is a big deal.
Are others being too harsh? Mark Fiore is simply a liberal animated cartoonist looking to make a living. I’m not even sure if NPR pays Fiore for his content, all NPR had to do is head over to Fiore’s professional site and embed the animated cartoon that he created back in early November. Heck, I’ll do it here…

First read somewhere else, then Gateway Pundit and more recently AP at Hot Air posted on the story. Ace of Spades HQ is also writing.
I’m not a mind-numbed robot so I don’t think this is any kind of big deal. TEA Party protesters don’t like being called teabaggers, so the left calls them … well … teabaggers.
What I prefer to do is point out that Fiore is completely wrong. Sure, not everyone can “clearly” express their concerns about the federal government getting over-involved in everything with beautiful Obama-like rhetoric, but sweet goodness man, conservative writers have spent hours and hours and hours reading the bills, laying out what we think the language means and providing readers direct links to the content of such bills.
When Congress-critters were asked about those specific sections, their frequent answer was they were not familiar with that section of the bill and they did not think it meant what we thought it meant!
Even when trying to discuss the Constitution – and specific sections within the Constitution – conservatives are dismissed.

Who are the brain dead, mind-numbed robots Fiore?               I think taking the funding away from NPR would only be fair. If they want to be an arm of the Democrats let the Democrats fund them.  The Democrats are doing what they know has worked in the past. In the poster below look who the enemy is. Now look who the liberals have made as their enemy? The liberals haven named terrorist their enemy. They have made us their enemy.  

The Constitution and Freedom Two Things The Democrats Don't Want You To Have

The Constitution and Freedom - Part 3

Liberals have a hard time grasping the idea that our rights are God given. Why is that? I would like to know your thoughts on our GOD given rights. And if you don't believe our rights are God given then do you think the government gives us our rights? If the government gives us our rights then they can takle them away like they have been. Health care insurance is not a right of our countries Constitution. As proof of that take a look at FDR book of a Second Constitution. And part of that second costitution is  health care insurance for all. Of course Americans didn't want anything to do with that new socialist constitution the Progressives were pushing so we never added it to our Constitution. And with only 33% of Americans still in favor of this health care reform I'm sure it wont be the best thing the Democrats did. And by the time the Supreme Court find it unconstitutional we will have been paying for it for who knows how long. The unions are doing the bitching about paying for something they want. But I will save that for another post.

Thank God For Christians And Their Love

Please take a moment and pray for those in Haiti and for all those group going to Haiti to help them in their time of need. I have heard of many Churches and organization,mostly Christian) going over to Haiti to help. The Christian organizations are already in place and doing good for these poor people. If you know of any organizatioons going to Haiti to help please let us know who and what they are doing. Now I said Christian many times and after the Tsunami it was also mostly Christians that went and helped those mostly Muslim countries. Please let me and the others know of any Islamic organizations that are or will be going to help the Hatians. If you have it to give please help these people. This is a chance for us Christians to show the world that we are love and that we love our fellow men as much as ourselves. This will also show us out of all the imperfect religions in the world which ones are of Love. This could be a chance for us to judge the actions of the religions like Islam and Christianity by the deeds and actions rather then by what they say. Not only don't Christians blow up people but they will come to their rescue no matter what their religion. Lets see what the other religions do and then we will see if the liberals are right about Christians in general.