Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pay Attention

All conservatives and liberals alike need to pay attention to the One Nation rally today. It is on C-SPAN live. I listened to one women telling the crowd that they need to get arrested together. Why would she say something like that if she loved America and respected her laws? Pay attention to what they say. They are invoking MLK and God just like the Restoring Honor rally. They are doing all the things that they criticized the conservatives of doing. They have Ed Schultz reading from his notes. It will make you laugh at how ill prepared Ed is. And they have every race together like a rainbow as if the race of a person mattered more then what that person said. The signs in the small crowd are very inflammatory and socialist. I see a lot of hate signs of Beck,Palin,Limbaugh and Fox News. And the Tea Party seems to be enemy #1 with this socialist Soros and special interest funded event.